The poor boy is now a rich man, returning to his hometown to build a villa for the whole village

To thank the people's hearts for helping him in difficult times, the giant born in 1962 built 258 villas for the whole village.


In 2018, an unexpected good news came from a poor village in Zhanjiang city, Guangdong (China). Each villager is moved to a brand new villa with everything, no need to buy anything else.

What makes many people curious is that this village used to be a poor village at the provincial level, the people are very sincere. Living in a big villa is a dream of the people here.

All because a rich man named Tran Sinh spent money and invested in building for the people.

Entrepreneur Tran Sinh was born in 1962 in a family of 5 children. His father passed away at a young age, his mother was the one who wholeheartedly took care of her son. The difficult situation made Tran Sinh study wholeheartedly, wishing to go to university. Tran Sinh became a student with excellent achievements, the pride of the villagers and his mother.

In 1984, Chen Sinh graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Peking University. Before that, due to too much difficulty, his mother and villagers had to borrow money everywhere to have enough money for him to take the train to the city to study.


After graduating from school, he found a stable job that made the villagers and his mother very proud.

However, the repetitive work made Tran Sinh bored. He decided to find a new investment direction and started his own business. In a few years, the amount of money Tran Sinh earned made many people dream. Not stopping there, he decided to continue to get rich by entering a new profession.

He saw the potential in the real estate industry and once again invested capital. In just 3 years, Tran Sinh owns a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars and becomes a real estate giant in Zhanjiang city, and the first millionaire in the village where he was born.

However, because he wanted to expand his business, he decided to switch to the beverage business and set up his own company. Going through the testing process, the company's first cans of apple juice were launched. His company's products are well received by consumers.

However, he was still not really satisfied. Tran Sinh decided to invest in the field of clean pork. He and a younger brother decided to open a company specializing in providing clean pork and was once again enthusiastically received.

In August 2009, he and his brother also established the "Vocational School of Pork Sales" to train talented professional pig farmers and high-quality butchers.

Tran Sinh's quality pork brand is also growing stronger. To expand his business, he also entered the field of e-commerce and became a large and famous domestic pig farming and trading enterprise.

When his career flourished, Tran Sinh did not forget the difficulties he went through. He remembered the village and the people who had donated money to help him go to school. He once told himself that when he succeeds, he will repay the villagers.

In 2014, Tran Sinh shared: "I could not have achieved the success I am today without the support of the villagers. I will give each family a 300m2 villa, helping the whole village get out of poverty. This is part of the story. reward I want to give for their kindness."

Được dân làng giúp đỡ, cậu bé nghèo năm xưa về lại xây biệt thự cho cả làng

Not only did Tran Sinh spend money on building villas, he also built kindergartens and local schools. He also subsidizes the salaries of local teachers with his own money, hoping to attract more good teachers.

Not only helping the villagers have houses and have conditions to develop their education, Tran Sinh also helped them grow fruit trees and raise pigs. This helps people here have an additional source of income.

However, the construction of 258 villas for households has caused controversy among residents. Some people want to own two apartments, others don't know which one to live in. This made Tran Sinh very sad, for a period of 2 years he did not return to his hometown. The local government had to meet people to discuss and divide the villas.

On June 4, 2018, people held a big housewarming ceremony to welcome the whole village to move into a new house. Tran Sinh and his mother and wife also attended the housewarming ceremony. At the warm invitation of the villagers, Tran Sinh stood up and said: "Then I too will grow old, and will also return to my ancestors. For me, being able to build villas for everyone, help people raise their livelihoods. Pigs are a very happy thing. I hope everyone can take care of their children and grandchildren, so that they have the conditions to study, develop and succeed."

At present, people in the village are living in large villas, every household has a prosperous life, and their children are well educated.

Tran Sinh is also still working hard, his career is growing and flourishing.

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