Pyramids of Giza

When approaching the massive structure, the shape of the tilt angles and dissolving them in height and appearance to fool the eyes ... but at the beginning of the art measurement products giant with size ratio familiar, they seem to recover all its vastness.

Alexander the Great in the shadow of his father

During ruler, King Philip II was sloping off to train minds heir, Alexander, his son. The king has trained a great actresses to star for historical dramas were performed at that time.

The Trojan War

The legend of the Trojan War began as a story rivalry between three beautiful women: Hera, wife of Zeus, Aphrodite and her two daughters and Athens. Their jealousy boom in the wedding of King Peleus.

Childhood is not fond of the emperor Alexander

Although Alexander has received a lot of useful things from the father, but due to family discord, between Alexander the father should always have an emotional discontent complex. The contradictions of the King and Queen had left a imprint of his personality.

Turkey and strange marriage customs

Dye nails is a marriage rite of the Turks. Sister groom or matchmakers dyed palm and fingers left or both hands bride red pomegranates for good luck. Dye is beautiful or ugly omen happy couple after married or not.

The process of formation of aesthetic conception

Habits bring human wigs appear very soon. It found that the wig on the head a couple of mummies in Egypt. It was the hair is made of palm leaves and wool. This hair type is used in the centuries since the ancient Egyptians BC.

The ark save mankind through the deluge?

Great flood stories in the Bible that engulfed the whole world is narrated in Genesis. When God decided to destroy his work by human sin, Noah is his only life was saved because of his ethics.

Alexander came to the throne - close them

The first phase after the throne, the northern tribes in Macedon and the Greek city-states more riots exploded. Alexander made an assertive military, in turn quell rebellions in the provinces.

Artemiss goddess temple in Ephesus

Greek art and the wealth of Asia have combined created a divine architecture and magnificent. Artemiss temple goddess among the Seven Wonders of because of the magnificent architecture and unusual size.

Wipe the dead men's bones mores of Mexico

Antonio Haas pulls out a wooden box from a small cubicle built of cement, dust wipe out the whole year covered her coffin lid and turn the lid to reveal a pile of coffee stained bones and a small skull longer sticky hair several arrays.

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Pheidias expressed statue of Zeus was sitting, but the head of the statue almost touched the ceiling close to the impression that if Zeus stood up, probably will lead both the house roof. This work is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

Stylish Bonfire Festival

In Bonfire Festival, one large group to the fire and threw the effigy of Guy Fawkes for "her fire." Everyone fireworks cause more lively festival, with meaningful celebration for their beloved king being 36 barrels of explosives into the sky as Guy Fawkes.

Giant statue of Rhodes

Of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, perhaps we know about the giant statue of Rhodes least. There were no witnesses who recounted statue shaped like when it exists, and unlike many other classical statues, no second copy.

Rings symbolize something?

Ancient times, when the king or the queen died, people came to the funeral will be broadcast ring. However, as it relates to the death so people do not want to receive. Therefore, customary funeral ring donated canceled; instead they always wear a ring on the hand of the dead, with the divine desire to protect them.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

This world wonder Nebuchadnezzar built circa 605-562 BC. He treated it as a gift for his wife, who had grown up in areas around Media, longing majestic mountain landscape.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Giant tombs more than 1,000 m2 area by Empress Artimise build Mausolos husband - king of Caria. It is located on the southwest coast of Turkey and to keep what remains of Mausolus.

The legend of the birth of Emperor Augustus strange

The Romans could not imagine the laurels of the winner to be put on the emperor Augustus. When he first entered his life, age less than 19, just missing military genius, completely no experience of war.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

This is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, to guide ships into the port of Alexandria safety. It is said that it took 15 years to built the lighthouse and spend a huge amount of 800 talents (ancient unit of currency).

Solid opportunity in India

Solid Indian festival is usually held in August every year. In this occasion snakes often arrested and became beloved cult objects, even being married.

Octavius ​​hold the trump 'heir Caesar'

Octavius ​​who actually put up the political arena, to later become emperor Autugus is Caesar, his uncle. Caesar of that time was a military, a politician, as well as a dictator.

Badaro who took home sea

Badaro who live on the sea islands the Philippines took food supplies, as well as hometown and final resting place. Badaro who was born on a boat, on a boat up and after death, it is placed on a wooden raft.

These habits wedding fun

In Germany, the bride to marry less salt in her pocket as a symbol of completeness. Those guests using fresh branches of the surrounding trees littered the road from weddings to church, because according to them, such as the way of life of the couples will be successful and wealthy.

Origins tie

It was recorded, the first tie appears in the ancient Roman Empire. At that time the Roman soldiers tied a towel around his neck like the tie today.

Great temple of Abu Simbel

Ramesses II temple at Abu Simbel Large, Egypt is one of the important projects and get people to know most of all big buildings.

Mysterious treasure in deep wells

Treasure Oak of 56 hectares located on the bay width Mahome, Canada. What makes Oak attractive because there is a treasure, but to this day it has not been discovered as anything, though everyone is sure that's a huge treasure.

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