Shining sun temple in Cairo

Archaeologists have discovered a sun temple with large statues of the king is said to Ramses II, located beneath the bustling market in Cairo, Egypt.

Love test status

By itself answer the following multiple-choice, you will know the true state of your current love so that helps you know how to evoke the fire of love in his own house.

Quiz your style

Birthday of my best friends to come. You will appear back and bring out what gift? The way you dress and prepare gift will reveal a lot about the personality.

The interesting thing about cats

At night when the cat chasing the mouse around the room, we did not hear his footsteps, nor hear when the cat jumped down from above. Why?

Why animals in zoos difficult birth?

Since the animals were born to live in a natural environment and vast variety of colors. When you put them in zoos, though a very good living conditions, there is nothing dangerous, but they do not adapt, thereby affecting fertility.

3-dimensional imaging laser sky

The night sky will one day lit by 3-dimensional image advertising giant, thanks to a new laser techniques to create Japan's shining image in the air.

Giant squid on display in London

One of the largest squid ever intact and was found to appear in public at the Natural History Museum London, England.

Memory of how you work?

Who does not want to have a good memory. The trick is in knowing mounted remembering to acquire your way. Discover your brain works and how to make your memory better.

Generator tubes ... fire

An invention is sponsored by the US Navy has described a simple way to generate electricity in an emergency or to maintain contact after a disaster. This solution without the use of bulky generators or heavy batteries.

Seabed exploration through 3D images

An experimental documentary 3D images under the seabed about to be screened. The film will help the audience sitting in the theater to see the sea creatures as if they are wearing diving.

Make 'artificial skin' from silk yarn

China, which has a long history of using silk, recently developed a new application for this material. Scientists Zhejiang Province silk used to make a kind of "artificial skin" capable of curing skin lesions and reduce scarring.

Traces of ancient agriculture in the Andes

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of the oldest agriculture in the Andes. Findings suggest that ancient Peruvians ate corn planted and 4,000 years ago - a millennium earlier than previously thought.

In pictures of the photographers 2005

JP lauquen the winner of the photography contest 2005 with captivating photos of this person. Please introduce some of the work that he has gathered on life underwater theme.

'Ke largest predatory' dinosaur rewrite history

Dinosaur era ended millions of years, but the archaeologists are still trying to grasp the enormous diversity of them. The report published last month formally recognized dinosaur Spinosaurus is the largest carnivorous known science.

Found new organs in mice

After centuries of scrutiny of laboratory mice, people kept wondering if the scientists were aware of their bodies, such as palm. Think again, because German researchers have discovered that a completely new organs.

Discovered a new shark species

A Mexican marine biologist has discovered a new shark species in the murky waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez dark, Mexico. This is the first shark species found in this diversity-rich region since 34 years.

Ground telescopes will be 'useless' in 2050

The astronomical observatory will probably lose ground effect within 40 years due to the pollution of air and flue gas climate change, an expert said.

Women have fewer children as high as

Women are higher the lower the maternal instinct, the British scientists concluded. Their study confirmed the tall girls more successful in their careers but less to worry about birth than girls average stature.

Advertising has ever?

According to the documents are recorded, the father of advertising is a form of ancient Egypt. He pasted the notice on the wall first Thebes circa 3000 BC.

Japan production of gasoline from cattle dung

Scientists in resource-poor country of Japan yesterday announced they had found a new source of gasoline - cattle dung.

Why the need to have sex?

Scientists have long wondered why the species so preoccupied with sex. Why not just a bunch of self-replication children themselves, like the type of asexual reproduction.

Why do we see colors?

Primates develop their ability to see color not to seek berry delicious fruit, but to discover a meaningful definition blush on "buttock" enemy.

Do you understand women?

Before saying yes or no, try answering the following suggestive. And you will find that you have to understand women or not, and to understand to what extent.

Strange memory of hummingbirds

Although the brain is only the size of a grain of rice, but hummingbirds have superb memories when looking for food, a new study has revealed.

Ancient Egyptians are keen seafarers

Excavations an ancient shipyard of Egypt have revealed traces of the oldest boats in the world. Detection demonstrates the ancient Egyptians were very advanced technology in shipbuilding.

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