'Terminator 5' delayed because of Arnold scandal

Has decided to return to the cinema last month but after secret illegitimate children were exposed, the former governor of California decided to pause everything to settle family affairs. > Arnold Schwarzenegger will participate 'Terminator 5' / 'the Terminator' own children with maid

Brad Pitt's film wins Palme d'Or

'The Tree of Life', the film directed by Terrence Malick starred by Brad Pitt, won the top prize at Cannes this year. Beauty Kirsten Dunst was also honored with an outstanding actress. > Brad Pitt's new film in competition at Cannes / Kirsten Dunst attend the Cannes film nude

Tang Wei in the movie being cut from the Chinese revolution

The latest footage of 'The Founding of a Party "has removed the image of Tang Wei as the first love of Mao Zedong as embargoed past her. > Bingbing plays Qing Empress / Elevator the only bright again after embargo

Add two stars join 'Graphic Packaging 2'

Besides the trio Zhao - Zhou Xun - Chen Kun, "Painted Skin 2" also took two television actors are fans Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng. > Orchestral stars' Painted packaging 1 'reunion in' Graphic Packaging 2'

'Tan Hoan Chau' opposite reveal romantic kiss

Xiaoyanzi and Ca Ngu A kiss Spider-Man style in the new version of the TV series 'My Fair Princess'. Films also recently launched a 6-minute long trailer. > Actor 'Tan Hoan Chau' New Year / 'New My Fair Princess' radiant innocence

Bin Laden film project about being 'green light'

Kathryn Bigelow's film about Osama has removed the barrier when Columbia Pictures of Sony was assuming the role of issuance. > Directed by Oscar film about Osama bin Laden

Lindsay portrays himself in the film art

French actresses Brigitte Bardot is one of the iconic Lindsay chose to incarnate as a part of their own portraits in art works short film titled 'Lindsay Lohan'. > Lindsay Lohan returned to the big screen with his role each

Orlando Bloom Legolas again made him pompous

British actor has signed a contract to take over the role brought him names - Legolas in "The Hobbit".

The superhero with the task of 'rescue Hollywood'

No superhero always appeared on the silver screen as much this summer. In addition to the human rescue mission, they have to bear on their shoulders the task of helping Hollywood film to avoid a season failures. > 9 Hollywood blockbuster summer movie season in VN

'Parties' cartoon in June

9 animated film produced by Warner Bros will be dubbed in Vietnamese and aired on TV channel K + 1 at 19h45 and Tuesday night and Friday in June.

'The Hobbit' traditional hold in theaters on Christmas

In the tradition of three-film 'The Lord of The Rings', two new pieces of 'The Hobbit' will be released in December 2012 and 2013. The names of the two films has just been published. > Orlando Bloom Legolas again made ​​him pompous / Elijah Wood plays "Lord of the rings' new version

Tran Anh Hung as Shanghai film festival jury

Directors 'Norwegian Wood' with filmmakers coming from the UK, Spain, Japan and Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu will be the 'holding weight level rise' at the prestigious International Film Festival of Asian Cinema this year. > Tran Anh Hung launches 'Norwegian Wood' in Venice

'The Hangover' will be part 3

Craig Mazin, one of the two writers 'The Hangover', has revealed that he and Scot Armstrong partner and director Todd Phillips are discussing the script for part 3. > 'Kung Fu Panda 2' defeat last game 'The Hangover 2' / Film 'The Hangover 2' trailer released humor

'Gossip Girl' premiere Vietnam

Hit TV series for young people in the US is about K + channels broadcast in Vietnam under the name 'Her World'. > America's 'Gossip Girl' is the world's thirst

3D Film About 'Smurf' summer theatrical release preparation

3D movies with the cartoon characters 'Smurf' (The Smurfs), with the participation of singer Katy Perry as the voice, coming out in March 7. > Katy Perry set a new record of Billboard

'Eclipse' victory at the MTV Movie Awards

Part three of the series 'Twilight' won 5 golden popcorn, which has the title of 'Best Film' and 'Best Kiss' at the MTV awards organized by night 5/6. > 'Eclipse' leading the MTV Movie Awards 2011 nominations

Hailee Steinfeld will nude in 'Romeo and Juliet'

Partially exposed scenario shows that 14-year-old actress 'True Grit' will have a lot of hot scenes with co-star in 'Romeo and Juliet' new version. > Hailee Steinfeld was offered the role of Juliet / Hailee reached 15,000 opponents to take part in 'True Grit'

Paul Walker was invited to participate in 'Terminator 5'

After Arnold Schwarzenegger suspended projects 'Terminator 5' to resolve family scandal, the manufacturer plans to invite amateurs 'Fast Five' replaces the former governor of California. > 'Terminator 5' delayed Arnold postponed because of the scandal

Emma Watson quit school because he wanted to focus on actors

'Witch Hermione' deny all rumors that she decided to stop studying at Brown University (USA) for being friends bullied. > Emma Watson feel like Lara Croft / Emma Watson's fashion icon male

Lee Da Hae pretty sad with multicolored wig

In the new film 'Miss Ripley', Lee Da Hae wig to transform into poor girl working at the bar, showing the beauty and sexy and sad, full of mood. > Lee Da Hae new movie poster released impressive / Lee Da Hae resented incidents were scrutinizing costumes

Movies released trailer for season 2012 romantic Valentine

'The Vow', emotional drama based on a true story, has released the first trailer, and many romantic images between the two starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. > Rachel McAdams gorgeous blonde at Cannes / Channing never ashamed former striptease dancer

Li Bingbing film screened in 40 countries

'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan', the film has both Jun Ji-hyun and starring Hugh Jackman, will be shown in China, the US, many European countries and Africa in the near future. > Li denies Zhang Ziyi plays robbery / Li Bingbing and Jun Ji Hyun plays the dual intimates

'My Cake' new-style nostalgia

Actress Alyson Hannigan revealed Wednesday the film version of 'My Cake' will recreate the memories of the previous three parts and recalling funny memories for fans. > 'My Cake' will have electric version photo section 4

Wolverine 2: The race of 8 directors

Doug Liman directed two (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) are among those who are targeting the seat of Wolverine 2 director.

'King Kong' upcoming animated film

The love story between the Monkey King and the beautiful will again appear on the big screen, but that's not who played through drawings and visual effects of the animated Hollywood film makers. > 'King Kong' - monkey king romance and beauty

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