Child care

Strange uses of milk

Cure ear infections or pinkeye baby, soothing mosquito bites or cracked nipple condition, reduce diaper rash, itching ... is less known effects of breast milk.

265 days of pregnancy diary through photos

Ms. Ju, a Chinese woman gave birth to twins after 265 days pregnant. Her husband, Wei Yao, a photographer for sharing photos recorded moments from the moment he and his wife received the welcome news until birth.

Guide pregnant single mother teaching practice

The single mother with a tight timescale to play both roles at the same time 2 do father and mother of your children. Therefore they need more knowledge to take care of the child from the womb to be attentive and not disadvantaged.

Why good but slow-feeding high

My son is 37 months, 103 cm tall, weighs 19 kg. At school, the teacher told me to eat healthy and full, I get home I also eat well and maintain 400-500 ml of milk per day.

5 harm when children use the iPad

These digital devices such as the iPad Smart could be the repository of useful information, but do not bring any benefit to the health of children. When glued to the iPad, they will not like physical inactivity and outside to breathe fresh air.

6 Foods to eat from small notebooks to children

Peanut butter contains vitamins E, A, folic acid, copper and zinc, very good for children's development.

Teaching children to love nature

Rather than a theme park or to the zoo on the weekends, you can teach your child about the importance of planting trees and how.

The reason you should teach them to be independent

Teach your independence is being passed to the message: "The valuable, useful and capable."

Fewer parents reading to children

Many children are struggling in language because their parents are too busy, no time to read stories to their children, help children develop speech.

There should buy the iPad for children

My nephew is a grade 3. Seeing friends are parents buying for ipad to play, I would like to buy for me to learn English.

Are premature babies should grow slowly

Round 9 months my daughter, weighs 8 kg. Children born prematurely at 36 weeks weighing 2.9 kg. So far she has not yet sat Sure, no teeth, sweating great start but not hair loss.

3 years old weighing less than 12 kg are malnourished

My daughter is 38 months weighing 12 kg, almost 90 cm high. My child is vomiting or crying at night and at night. Please doctor said the baby had been sick and families how to fix. (Nguyen Ha).

Why embrace the often

Anxiety, apprehension, stress is a part of the child's life. Just a hug of a parent can drastically reduce cortisol levels in her body, thus helping to reduce stress.

Massage for premature babies gain weight

Scientists have proved correct massage or massage may help premature babies gain weight, health status which quickly stabilized and catch up growth rate of other children.

Young baby should go or hire maids

Time is running out on maternity leave and will be away from your baby mother to return to work. Many mothers agonizing over what should or should hire maids for her to kindergarten. Mother consider several factors before deciding:

Cure constipation in children

When a child has constipation, every day you should allow 10-15 minutes for children to sit on the toilet to defecate habit of correct posture.

The trick is not to help babies diaper rash

Frequent diaper changes, should only be used cloth diapers, ointment against diaper rash as fat children are helping your baby is not in trouble.

7 habits mother should teach her helpful

Children learn from everything happening around them, especially from their parents. It's good to educate children, parents need to express as exemplary role models.

The secret to sleeping baby

Provide adequate infant nutrition, airy environment ... is the secret to help baby sleep well and deeply.

3 month baby to eat well but not gaining weight

My son is 15 months old child, weighing 10 kg. At birth the baby is 2 kg (34 weeks premature birth). Full-feeding outside, because there is no milk.

Fun decoration for baby food

Children often eat fruits lazy, but just a little variation you can make love to love the baby when she laid out the disc strawberry, banana before.

Anti vomiting are not harmful to children

My house 10 months baby girl, weighing 8.3 kg, 73 cm high. Now the baby is 5 months or vomiting should seek medical infant child, the doctor concluded were gastric reflux, for oral medications.

Clip 'Hai Trieu Baby singer' Favourite

Among the funny little clip posted on week from 7 to 13/4, clip "Baby Hai Trieu singer" by readers like the most.

4-year-old baby diapers still have to close the night

I have a 4 year old son, so far she is still wetting the bed at night. If you drink milk before going to bed, the night he will urinate 2-3 times, do not drink, then I went once.

Choose clothes for pregnant women

Knowing how to dress, you can still vote beautiful, confident and have a healthy pregnancy, the most comfortable.

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