Currently, the domestic construction and interior design based on functional living facilities and aesthetic elements that do not pay attention to feng shui, while this is an important factor to increase the quality of life. Do not pay attention, many houses are being irregularities feng shui from the entrance, living room, kitchen to bedroom.

First, the room is the main living space of the family. This is an area to gather oxygen should have the basic requirements as they should be located on the first floor or half before the house, the space bright, airy aisles, limited nooks. Actual survey showed many homes or committed some basic errors that the bar ran through the living room, creating a top-down look bad gas, low ceilings create a feeling oppressed, cramped, not development.


Bedside based store will not be good for health. Photo: ML

Second, bedroom concerning conjugal affection is so independent sector, privacy, and feel calm and cozy. Bedroom is a place to gather positive atmosphere, but many people do not understand is that quiet tone, should try to design so that the baby's dark and back. This is the most basic mistakes in the bedroom. Dark colors, dreary would cause melancholy, depression, unfavorable to married life.

One other common mistakes is not paying attention to the position or direction of the bed. Not at home for the elderly means that to bed on the first floor grandparents, children and grandchildren's bed upstairs, upstairs toilet is placed just above his parents' bed. This arrangement will make people easy sick downstairs, illness.

Bedside also have prop but should not rely on the stove, the toilet because that's where the gas is low, unstable, prone to headaches, fatigue, depression, insomnia, narcolepsy ... Top bed to avoid relying on the door, and turned to the door. The ancients used to say, "The life turns out, do ghosts turned on", ie people living in bed to turn the foot out the door easily absorbs new oxygen, and can know who to go to, be more active, to avoid be surprised, startled; also "ghost turns into" means to go into the altar, the altar if turns out, running on gas would cause action, the leader vows and insecurity.

Tuesday, gates, doors, windows, and light ... which is where the main catch in indoor air, is also the place of welcome for fortune, so need clear, clean. The size and the number of overall harmony with the house.

The common mistakes such as the main door facing the back door do not gather gas, in Feng Shui is considered as not gather wealth, likely to cause an adverse effect on health. Gas doors opposite the toilet door, the antagonistic atmosphere adversely impact health. Gas doors opposite the kitchen door or stairs, in feng shui as this is where the gas will be loaded financial losses to the air, losing possessions.

Fourth, where the kitchen is related to health, emotional, fortune should need is open space, away from the bedroom, away from the main door. The common mistakes such as: Opposite water (sink, fridge, toilet), the country - similar pulse train causing disharmony, ill health. Overlooking the kitchen door, the gas pulses adversely affect the health, wealth. Located between the kitchen, where a closed room will not exhaust, adversely affect health. No little apartment kitchen design between home, again based right on the WC, as the unstable gas, hydro - similar pulse train, is not conducive to family members.