Employees studio wearing trousers, blue sports shirt featured in the "Missing marshal" - film context early stages ROC.


Films "mother tiger cat father" scene camera and cameraman reflected in the car window.


Crew "imprisoned coast" hired extras to close bystanders. Manufacturer rent once and used repeatedly context. In this picture cars passing the scene in episode one neighborhood.


Utilize this context to shoot another scene, in episode three. Directed by focusing only rearrange images in the middle, while two roadside virtually unchanged.


Many viewers eyes when female film "United Thien Essence" delicious dumplings with chopsticks arranged in computerized techniques. "Union of poor films that can not afford the dumplings," the audience to comment. Tang Teng, film producer, actor initially explained to eat eggs. But when editing, the director said that should change to eat dumplings to better fit with the plot, so the eggs were processed to form dumplings techniques.


Craggy cliff scene was faked. Chiang Han, an actor in the movie, shared that before the climbing scene to the rotation tired but now do not need to spend effort. Thus less time but makes actors lack the experience of acting, instead must forge ... imagination to put yourself in the context of real mountains.


Fire scene was criticized as sloppy in a movie.


Huli is built using techniques of "Old for any negotiations."


Many recent audience share videos goji seeds are used in landscaping ... blood splash "Tokyo Marble try great uproar." Cruel killing scene, but due to "creative", the audience completely forget the details but just remember the "blood particles" are thrown splashed.

* Video: Scenes from the filming of blood splash goji seeds