Baby Hanoi 's Hai Ninh director tells  the story of baby Ngoc Ha in Kham Thien seeking family after a fierce bombing winter 1972 amid ruins, ruins of Hanoi. Ngoc Ha are reunited sister but my mother is gone forever after action at the children in the kindergarten where she worked.  The film starts shooting the summer of 1973 - half a year after US planes bombed B52 streets Hanoi. Acting authentically with the angle specification combined with humanistic philosophy makes babies Hanoi became one of the classics of cinema Vietnam. 


Movie Poster "Baby Hanoi".

The movie series is recognized by such a distinguished award GLP for "Best Film" at the Vietnam Film Festival three times in 1975, a special prize of the jury Moscow International Film Festival in 1975 .. .  After more than 40 years, the main actors in the film largely promoted to grandparents. 

People's Artist Lan Huong

When the film premiered in 1974, was 12 years old Lan Huong. Ngoc Ha role made ​​her baby became a child actor noted particularly with Vietnam Cinema 1970. After decades of Hanoi baby , three years later, the actress participated in a small role in the movie Love the first and the People's Artist Tra Giang Anh. Lan Huong soon married at age 18 and divorced when 20s.


Lan Huong Ngoc Ha role in the film "Baby Hanoi" (left) and Lan Huong in the 50s.

After remarried with director Tat Binh, she spent the entire devotion to theater. In the 1990s, re-export actress for her role in TV series episode Those living inside me . Lan Huong is currently head of experimental troupe under the Youth Theatre.

In the 50s, though promoted to grandma, People's Artist Lan Huong has been privileged audiences called by the name "Baby Hanoi".

People's Artist Tra Giang

Tra Giang participate Hanoi baby was in his 30s when. Earlier, the actress names associated with the two famous films as Sister Tu Hau and Tails 17th day and night.  In Baby Hanoi , Tra Giang takes the role Ngoc Ha's mother - a teacher parenting bravely sacrificed when trying to protect the children from the bombs. Smile of Tra Giang shine inside the baby to become one of the unforgettable images between the severity of war. Hai Ninh late director said that when reading the script, People's Artist Tra Giang did not hesitate to accept the help he made ​​the film in terms of remuneration is extremely limited.


People's Artist Tra Giang in "Baby Hanoi" (left) and current Tra Giang.

After Baby Hanoi , Tra Giang continued acting in film and Lan Huong first love. In 1989, after participating in the film River white flowers , artists acting almost ceased due to not find a good script. The time at the age of 70, Tra Giang find forget loneliness by painting was widowed when her daughter is working and living abroad.

People's Artist The Anh

In Baby Hanoi , assumed the role of a British World War artillery officer, accidentally meet and facilitate Ngoc Ha (Lan Huong) rediscover family. Prior to the film, The Anh famous villain in the form of film Floating wind, Back Sam Sao . The artist said that when asked to play the lead, he had a backpack to take the missile unit in the outskirts of Hanoi to penetrate reality in a month.

"Back then everyone is eager to take the role because he wanted to condemn the crimes of the war. The film turns on the crater's mouth is not healthy for more than a year before we should cast full of emotion," reminisced artists .


People's Artist The Anh in "Baby Hanoi" (left) and current.

After Baby Hanoi , The UK continues to play a first love with Tra Giang, Lan Huong. In later years, artists continue to mark in the film  Circus rong, Dien Bien Phu, Long Tri Festival ... In 2003, at age 65, The Anh starred in TV series Doc status and then stopped acting far.

At the age of 70, People's Artist The Anh has many concerns with cinema. He rejected criticism dramatic roles as well as making progress hybrid films of many young directors. Artists spend devoted to writing and film studies.