1. He rarely share information about their personal lives

If you find that he always changed the subject whenever you ask about private life, you should be very note. It shows that he just wanted to have physical relationship with you, but not romantically involved. This is the way he tells you that he is just looking for no more distractions.


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2. Distraction while talking to you

When only see you as fun, he will not like to hear you talk about your personal life or problems encountered. If he does not show signs of attention when you're mind is clear he is only regarded you as entertainment.

3. Avoid introduce you to a friend 

If a guy does not want a serious relationship with you, he will not want to introduce you to his friends. If you find him avoid taking you go out with his friends, it can be said he only considered the relationship with you is just the game.

4. He said farewell new girlfriend

This is the indirect way of saying that he is not looking for an emotional relationship seriously. Say this with a girl right in the beginning the relationship is way implies that you should not expect anything serious at all, nothing less than he wants to know you have the same thoughts with him or not.

5. Other signs

Although not see the warning signs, you still felt there was something to see him there with his serious intentions. Listen instinct and never missed. And if you are wondering "him than her, why want to love me?", Perhaps precisely because he just wanted a bit of fun only.