Blind snakes. Photo: Pravda.

The snake, with the scientific name is Xenotyphlops mocquardi , was captured in 2005 during a scientific expedition in the north of Madagascar. About 24 cm long specimens as big as a pencil. There are about 15 species of blind snakes on the island, so the discovery of it not pay much attention, until one compares the specimens died of old collections.  

Blind snakes, true to its name, has very poor eyesight. They prey mainly through smell, live underground or beneath the layers of soil and rock. Blind snake and a group of relatives with them - solid deep - are protected from light whenever possible. If caught on the ground, they would manage to go down deep.

Two solid they are the only snakes only eat insects, such as ants and termites. In fact they have eyes, but has become inactive in the process of evolution.