After The Martian launched, many audience glad that cost statistics rescue characters played by Matt Damon in films such as Saving Private Ryan , Interstellar or the The Martian up to 900 billion dollars. Conclusion is given as: "Only Matt Damon can make America give so much money to bring him back." Amateurs 44 year-old is one of the "rarity" of Hollywood. Say no to the scandal, active charity and regular participation in quality projects ... are factors that make a Matt Damon today.

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Matt Damon.

Success comes from intelligent choice

Referring to Matt Damon, fans often even to remember his friendship with actor Ben Affleck. The story of two close friends growing up in Massachusetts, and were excluded from the Mickey Mouse Club, but persevered to pursue his dream and success with Good Will Hunting (1997) ... has become famous. However, not everyone knows that Affleck was the inspiration and determination to Damon transmission.

When Damon was only two years old, his parents divorced. This plus parenting by the book's actual lack of mother and modest height makes Matt Damon suffered inferiority. Despite the excellent results at school, Matt Damon just really feel comfortable playing with Ben Affleck or when appearing on the stage of the school.

This led to the decision to drop out of the prestigious Harvard Matt Damon, though he is only 12 credits are earned. The dates do not have to study at Harvard nonsense, when the first draft of the Good Will Hunting was born in the school campus. The story the film tells about the guy Will Hunting (Matt Damon) working as janitors cleaning and rebellious personality. But unruly personality behind a genius minds in mathematics. Thanks to the help of psychological doctor Sean (Robin Williams), Will change your own thinking about the future ...

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck never received an Oscar in 1998 for the screenplay "Good Will Hunting."

With a modest budget of $ 10 million, Good Will Hunting unimaginable success Damon and Affleck both. Film grossed $ 225 million worldwide, received nine Oscar nominations and earned an Oscar two young boys and a Golden Globe for "outstanding original script".

Along with the location  comes  the same and stepped Hollywood light but at the same time the path of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's best friend is very different. Affleck hurriedly place immersed in Hollywood vanity and often referred to with the same scandal hot lover Jennifer Lopez. Only until yen loss in the surface with Jennifer Garner and start mark as a director of films like The Town and Argo , Ben Affleck newly admitted seriously. During that same period, Matt Damon has a lot further than the sidekick.

After the success of Good Will Hunting , Damon continues to mark with films such as Saving Private Ryan (1998), The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), Syriana (2005) or Invictus (2010) ... He is part of a "gang century" along with superstars like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, Jason also starred in the Bourne trilogy this film about the super spy. Whether primary or secondary roles, Damon always complete assigned tasks and build brand as one of the stars the most professional and hardworking Hollywood.

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Matt Damon with his wife - female bartender Argentinian Luciana Barroso.

The selection of Damon rarely disappoint fans. Instead of dating the hot actress, this actor dating Argentine female bartender - Luciana Barroso - and had a secret wedding ceremony in 2005. It is no coincidence that some newspapers said that only some Damon's IQ up to 160, and he is also a man of extraordinary intelligence like his character Will Hunting ever played. 2013, this star is Harvard Arts Medal of Honor.

A star pattern

Many depressed paparazzi have followed the family as Matt Damon, because he has a life too ... healthy. Actor said: "If anyone wants paparazzi my life, that person will give up after a day only. The photos will only revolve around: 'Matt is studying speech, Matt sat six hours in the library to study.' After a few hours, he would give up on. "

He is also known as one of the most friendly star with fans and did not hesitate to take a picture or a fan signing event in the cinema. Damon was even surprised when there are many other stars do not do the same thing: "I'm not trying to be anything but subliminal do the simplest things. If you say hello others that made him surprised because normally you do not do so, then perhaps you should look at yourself. "

With Damon, "the more the audience knows little about people, the better actor." The only thing the audience needs to know is the actor's performances on the big screen. In the latest film called The Martian , Damon has received Oscar nominations for the third time on character acting with Mark Watney. Astronauts to Mars trapped after an accident and have to find ways to maneuver in terms of food is limited.

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Her role in "The Martian" Matt Damon earned Oscar nominations for acting Tuesday.

The Martian is one of the most successful film in 2015, both artistically and commercially. Matt Damon is the success factor that, when he appealed to audiences tracking solitary journey of Mark Watney by the clever and witty. Whatever was left behind on an alien planet, Mark calmly deal with the situation and also humorous monologues. The audience could not help laughing when this character witness NASA leaders scolded by concealing his situation with the crew, or when he "patience" Disco music is so unique form of entertainment exists on Mars.

Investment not only the knowledge to play an astronaut, Matt Damon was willing to lose weight to show pictures Mark Watney skinny Morocco after a few years on Mars. He has dropped 18kg when closed Courage Under Fire (1996) and forged to have the six-pack stomach for the role of Bourne should not hesitate to change their looks for the role but director Ridley Scott has been rejected by the scene completely naked Mark can use stunt.

With Matt Damon, the only thing he did not dare to sacrifice to the same character Mark is away from home for so long: "I have too many important relationships to be alone for too long. Maybe I'll feel good for a day but then maybe I would have gone mad. " This star to set a rule for myself that will not exceed two weeks away by waiting for him at home after hours of filming tired as gentle wife and four children adorable.