87-year history of the Oscars has in many cases winning film was later proven not to work best. In contrast, many movies and Oscar slipped into silver screen classics.

In 1941,  Citizen Kane Oscar in hand slipped How Green was My Valley . More than 70 years later, Citizen Kane is taught in the textbooks on cinema as the film is structured storytelling model, while the war story How Green was My Valley was recognized only valid in the historic period after World war I. Two classic works of Charlie Chaplin's City Lights and Modern Times even fail the nominations. The film  caused regret this Oscar history leading audiences still find out.

Oscar sometimes ignore classics by themselves affected prizes from certain elements. This makes easy awarded prizes this year the most important title for the safest film.

Factors affecting the Oscar "Best Picture"

List each won nearly 87 films showing traditional Oscar's American Academy is focused on the comprehensiveness of a cinematographic work. Each name was consensus awarded "Best Film" is usually a work basically the same storytelling techniques basically stable film in all phases. Thus, the unique film style, but modest in certain susceptible array overshadowed by a safety film, but handled well every part of filming, costumes, cut up, music ...

The King's Speech and Birdman winning 2010 and 2015 because of safety at all stages. While the two rivals are their respective The Social Network and Boyhood supposedly new and more subtle but no award. 

As prizes own cinema industry in North America, Oscar honor works produced in Hollywood and the English-speaking countries. This limitation makes the competition category of the American Academy not as diverse as the selected film festivals in the world such as Cannes, Venice or Berlin. Oscar limited input should be viewed less detectable works really thorny honor.

In 2011, the film The Artist won the top prize. However, the work of director Michel Hazanavicius allegedly new version of Singing in the Rain (1952). Both films are told about the fate of the artist when time changes in Hollywood. 


Scenes in the movie "Singing in the Rain".

Democracy in the Oscar voting process also animated unique value slippery Oscar. The award is voted on by more than 6,000 member American Academy. All members - including the group of knowledgeable professionals and the public - are contributing vote for best film. Conversely, as the Cannes Film Festival, Venice or Berlin only a jury board consists of five to eight members, but filmmakers are leading veteran. They decided to film a unique and worthy of honor.

Since the beginning of this coming century, the age of the media boom, the value of the Oscars less affected by the lobbying campaign competition up to  tens of millions of dollars . Two film  Shakespeare in Love  (1998) and  The Hurt Locker  (2008) even supposedly won "Best Film" thanks to successful promotional campaigns not necessary to bring a unique aesthetic value.

"The Revenant" is betting for many years because the safety film

This year, 8 films compete most important awards including  The RevenantThe Big Short, Room , SpotlightMad Max: Fury RoadThe MartianBridge of Spies , and  Brooklyn . No candidate really excel in 8 this candidate.

On the betting site, The Revenant is widely expected to win the Oscar. This is a work by Mexican director - Alejandro Inarritu - done. Western blockbuster supposedly monumental works and wonders of a skilled director. 53-year-old filmmaker admired for swimming in the deep forest to create works. Rounded script, acting the same way stability skilled cameraman helps work the safe choice for this year's Oscars.

The Revenant is still capable of winning not because last year the film Birdman 's also Alejandro Inarritu was "Best Film". Experts also received art film protagonist routing haunting story about the death of his wife in The Revenant borrowed slightly bring the frame of the classic movie directed by Russia - Andrei Tarkosky.


"The Revenant" is a work in all phases hand steady filmmaker this year.

Oscar candidates equally brilliant The Revenant is the film Australia - Mad Max: Fury Road. Since the launch at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, blockbuster is regarded as the peak of the post-apocalyptic line and confirmed that action movies are also artistic.  while  Alejandro Inarritu  traveled into the jungle to film the Revenant , George Miller film delegation to the desert and over 150 tanks crushed  to have realistic scene for action films . The film techniques minimize critically evaluate the film Best in 2015

However, Mad Max: Fury Road slippery film Oscar because the fourth installment of the series Mad Max (1979). New section basically expand the story world was created from more than 40 years ago.

Two candidates behind The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road  is Spotlight and The Big Short . While Spotlight is a simple story about a group shaken but journalists uncovered pedophile scandal rocked in the early 21st century American system Church, The Big Short is a gritty story about the stock market city Wall. Spotlight also strong script the Big Short excel at the production stage. In contrast, the exit camera, or photo montage of two films were not impressed with the two candidates The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road.


A scene from the blockbuster "Mad Max: Fury Road".

The Martian and Bridge of Spies is the two candidates have little chance to win more Oscars. The Martian is a science fiction film about a lost astronauts on Mars and to grow potatoes to return alive. Adaptation of the novel should have tight script. This work easily took the prize for "best adapted screenplay," but can slide Oscar "Best Picture" because only the stories in the mainstream fiction films set in the universe, but not superior to Gravity (2013) . Three years ago, myself Gravity  also on hand sliding Oscar Years a Slave 12 .

Meanwhile, the Bridge of Spies as the Cold War. The film portrays the hero is an American lawyer incarnation by Tom Hanks. Oscar season from start to now, Bridge of Spies  little attention in Oscar campaign. Films of Steven Spielberg's chin chu classic story and not much new.

Room and Brooklyn are said to be the two candidates at a disadvantage by these works is an independent film with a modest budget. Room with true stories and moving about a mother sexually abused and locked up with her ​​son nearly 7 years in a closed room. Brooklyn is a story about fate and love of an Irish immigrant women to the United States.

Room almost certainly bring about Brie Larson Award "outstanding leading actress," but there was no chance of being awarded "Best Film". Brooklyn will be surprised if Oscar awarded by the film tells the love story love is not simple but works with outstanding cinematography. 

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