Leonardo DiCaprio (movie The Revenant )


All the attention is poured on Leonardo DiCaprio. Are considered less affinity with Oscar having 5 times out of nothing, Leo predicted "Change Campaign" during this sixth nomination. In the movie The Revenant , he plays named Hugh Glass hunter was attacked by a bear and a companion were left for dead in the wilderness. Not resigned to fate, Hugh find ways to survive and take revenge. Amateurs have to work long days under conditions of minus 30 degrees, it's close to the pool through the glacier landscape, sleeping in animal carcasses, especially to eat raw meat on the set.

If as in the previous films, Leo kept dashing looks when characters are reincarnations in this film, the audience has forgotten Leo is one, only one seething Hugh Glass simmering thoughts of revenge in the film. For the role of Hugh Glass in The Revenant , Leo has in turn won the Golden Globe, Critic's Choice, SAG and BAFTA most recently. Oscar almost firmly in the hands of Leo unless Academy shocking determination at this time of the season.

Michael Fassbender (film Steve Jobs )


If anyone has the ability to "oust" Leo from the podium, it's Michael Fassbender. Each mark with films like 300, Hunger, Shame, X-Men or the nearest is Macbeth and Steve Jobs , Fassbender was critically assessed are the "nine" of his career. As Steve Jobs in the film of the same name, the second time he was nominated for an Oscar in the acting categories.

Despite Steve Jobs looks far different, Fassbender is still strong enough to conquer the most discerning audience that he was the legendary captain of Apple. Monitor outstanding incarnation of Fassbender's film makes some compelling rich. German-born actor was recreated on the big screen overlooking a genius ahead of his time but also a "monster", is a dictator egotistical, always demanding and never satisfied. If Oscar was awarded to Fassbender, it will be a pleasant surprise that the Academy Awards are "appreciation" for the unpredictable and independence.

Eddie Redmayne (film  The Danish Girl )


Eddie Redmayne's time has come. Sheepish guy from England each received the first Oscar of his career for his role in Stephen Hawking's Theory of Everything in the beginning of last year. 2016, Eddie stood before a chance to win a second Oscar Lili Elbe role - a woman in men's bodies - in the film The Danish Girl .

As the first transsexual in the world, portraying Eddie excellent Eniar psychology of Wegener - a person born with the physical man, gradually realized his ego and become Lili Elbe - a woman . Eddie's subtle acting can make the audience stunned and creepy. This is a role even convince and create more emotional role brought him an Oscar in the Theory of Everything. Unfortunately this season, Eddie Redmayne faced two opponents too strong as Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender , adding that he recently received an Oscar last season's victory should chance predicted Eddie is not high.

Bryan Cranston (film  Trumbo )


Is best known as a teacher Walter White of TV series Breaking Bad , Bryan Cranston is a much-loved star in America. At age 60, he received an Oscar nomination for the first time in his career as playwright in the movie Trumbo.

Dalton Trumbo was one of the outstanding writers of Hollywood (the author of Roman Holiday, Exodus, Spartacus ). Because under communism, he was convicted of treason, going to court and imprisoned for many years. When released, he was listed as black, are the studios and acquaintances shunned. For a decade, Trumbo to make a living by writing scripts for B-movies and never dare name. 

Bryan Cranston was transformed into outstanding intellectuals amid a storm of the times but still upright, keep the mettle and bravery are human. Biopic, which is your favorite genre Academy, especially, it is also a film about the Hollywood scenes. Oscar ability to Bryan Cranston of favor entirely probable.

Matt Damon (drama  The Martian )


Matt Damon is one of the talented star and Hollywood's favorite. He plays a lot of genre roles, from underground Jason Bourne spy series in Bourne hero to villain in The Talented Mr. Ripley , soldier in Saving Private Ryan ... Damon each received an Oscar along Ben Affleck for "Best Original Screenplay" for Good Will Hunting. However in the acting categories for, amateurs are still empty-handed.

This year, Matt Damon once Oscar-nominated "best actor" as the astronaut Mark Watney in the film The Martian . Mark colleagues were left alone on a desolate planet because they thought he was dead. He must find a way to survive based on scientific knowledge and the remaining items. 

Humorous tone pretty self-absorbed actor is pleased the audience but compared to 4 candidates remaining, the odds of Matt Damon is not high. If Matt Damon, this award will be the biggest surprise of the 2016 Oscar season.

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