26/2 afternoon, the crew Kong: Skull Island  Ninh Binh arrived three days after the completion of filming in Quang Binh. According to the schedule, DVR will ekip here for two weeks from 27/2 to 15/3. Context is selected include a broad valley 2 ha inside Trang An scenic populations (between  Tam Coc - Bich Dong Chang'an and marina area)  and lagoon Van Long resort.


Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed more than 40 selected Vietnam extras in the film.

Bui Van Manh, vice director of the management committee scenic Chang'an, said: "Film is the inner landscape is nearly complete.  Nearly 20 bamboo huts are built. A would be village people Asia and King Kong was attacked. Doan Vietnam cast film starred the masses, as the people in this village. There were about 40-60 participants including the elderly and the provincial rowing artist ". 

While the ground was up studio Trang An tourist site for free crew borrowed, unions spend money to repair the road again and serve up form. In addition, Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed requests dam filled with water to keep  Van Long dress


Dam Van Long is one of two contexts in Ninh Binh's blockbuster "Kong: Skull Island".

Mr. Tran Xuan Quang - tourist Station Yunlong station chief -  said: "We have dammed several times to keep Van Long dress full of water as a request from the director. Part of wetlands which are of the paddy land people. Crew has funding for households have been  flooded rice ".

In the days of film recording, Chang'an and Van Long dress will arrange for guests to visit the other glands to not affect the recording.