A year has passed, I still wait for her return. Now she has returned to his side, but still can not forget the other guy. She is also sad day. I do not know what to do so she's not so sad anymore? ( Thien ).


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Finished reading your email, I want to ask a question for you to think: Have you ever wondered why she returned to you after a year away? Does she feel that you really are the person she needs in life?

There is a story about a glass containing a half a cup of water. When putting the cup for a person with a positive outlook on life, the person evaluated: Oh, sewing process, the water in the glass cups are filled to more than half. But also the cup under the eyes of people with a negative outlook, the person said, "My God, why then begin to empty water glasses, there are more than half a game."

You see, the same thing the same, but with two different perspectives we can create their own 2 different mentality, even conflicting.

In your current problems as well, after a year of farewell you to go with a new person, and now she has returned to you. That proves that she realized who needed her in his life, who she had chosen to share the sorrows and joys. And you should be proud of that.

So, now, what you need to do is to understand her desire is something from which you? She wanted to share what you are? And you have done nothing for her wishes.

Besides, it should be noted that, when you come back to you, more or less she also brings a bit of guilt is sorry for you. Then you have behaved as how to help her erase that stigma. Affordable, sometimes the treatment, how to talk you accidentally make her think you no longer respect her as before. That made her sad.

If you know how to love, that gives her a sense of honor, to be loved, to understand what they need to do for her to worry about her erase the shadow of the other.

The best way to erase the old image of a human heart which is to replace that image with another image more beautiful, better, more loving and more deserving. Yes so, her heart will be yours forever.

Wish you happy with your love.