- She has participated in the short film "Another City" - the work is in competition at the Berlin Film Festival - the young director Pham Ngoc Lan. What brought you to this project?

- Recently, I have participated in several movies and now they see that film too carelessly. Sometimes I do not want to do any more films. Sometimes I regret that I got the role and realize that the time to work carelessly. I often said to myself: "This film anymore Nốt whiff". When Lan - a young director - invited me to play Another City , I still think so. But at work, I see that's just my impression imposed for others.

Lan was young but expression, living, working and living very "old" mature. He helped me think differently about the younger generation and recall the old film, from the director to film them very seriously. Lan has found himself a new style, modern with strong creative - innovative thinking that retains traditions.


Meritorious Artist Minh Chau's shaping in the short film "City of Others".

- How you feeling about the woman character in "Another City"?

- My first feeling is character ... nothing at all. I was wondering, why come to me for Lan to this character. I am a veteran and novice Lan. Usually I enjoy thinking that the young people did not know anything about his life. I read several times and each time raises issues that have certain qualified people to realize.

Then when Lan to meet to work, I was happy that I understand each other and Lan. I'm very thankful he was awakened in his subconscious that something has long been asleep, is the understanding of life, man. Each one with different age will look at this issue from different angles. When this play, I also broke off many things. Thanks to participate in the film that I know more about the young people - something that previously I did not seem to understand.

- Her own life has similarities to the characters in "Another City" - the woman decided to be celibate. She gave practical experience on how the role?

- As a single woman is not simple. They must have a strong personality, a strong foundation of life and independence of thinking high. Naturally will be very hard for her to be a prop with many things in life - emotion, prejudice, family. My family regularly reminded to continue to get married. I'm wondering if I can bring happiness to man will choose to live or not to repeat the same old story. My past is quite long and I do not blame anyone. In a family breakdown, or are all at fault, or is no one at fault.

My friends are often surprised that my former husband are good people, why not stay together for the rest of my life. For me, the good people, bad people are not concerned about people living there to bring happiness to each other. When not bring joy to other people, we would be very anxious. My work has also influenced partly to family life. For example, I must leave you for months to come filmmaking. Ex-husband to take care of children while their meals away from home. Often no man shall be so.

Then we have different views on the concept of life. A bit of everything gradually dent family love. If I get into that situation, and must accept and must be strong enough, proactive, seeking to compromise comfort for life, no social disdain. There are times, I strive hard to care for themselves and their children when life pushed into a corner. That's when the most powerful self-defense. Before, I was afraid to look at women who live alone. But when touching it then my instinct unearthed. Fortunately, I also live with dignity and to human parenting.

While not advocated celibacy, I hope you define celibacy do not look at how to live the character that let themselves assess their lives to self-determination. If your husband feels that his side but does not do what I wanted, of course, be alone and how it is most comfortable.


Meritorious Artist Minh Chau had several concerns about acting.

- What difficulties she encountered when working with a number of first-time film actor?

- At first I was worried when Lan was invited to share the first-time film actor. If actors are not held, it will affect the entire ekip. Before Vietnam now has films that actors do not right for the character and the whole film is understood in a different direction. For example, there are actors momentum dissipated nature are invited to tune into her role of a farmer when playing honest, revealing the nature actor always. In my opinion, the actor refused to know his role did not suit her. There are people who do not know refused to ruin the movie.

Lan chose suitable actor for the character because he is a keen and mature thinking. There are some few times have changed in the course of making the film and I think it is essential. Lan showed me the video of the young actors and I think that he has caught the "soul" of them. Because the children in the film role to the very nature of the actor, so when I played with the first film is not tilted.

- Do you wish for this new year?

- Five-year-old Binh is my body. Friends remind ceremony should go to the bad things often take place in five years. However, when I met with the difficulties in life, I usually mind that tomorrow will be different.

What I want most is health because health is everything. I look forward to living in peace, successful children and loved ones, always close by his side to help make life more fun. My daughter and I live far from each other halfway around the Earth, have not seen each year, but also with today's modern technology, your mother still talks regularly. World much closer together now, though there are where, as long as the feelings of love for each other is also a close far away.