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Although these are only temporary predicted (by the palm change over time) but it seems that the creator has drawn a map of life available on the hands of us. Each line only represents a field hand, brought a message.

The size and shape of the hand 

Typically, large hands are good looking, and produce the detailed predictions, even small hands, the trouble such a tangled map. People with wider hands healthy. In contrast, people with small hands are often weak, vulnerable to disease.

Use the pen to draw a line on the paper white hands, fingers mind watching them smoothly or rough. The finger goes well, usually slender brain organization and ability to run well. They may be impatient for jobs requiring detailed yet very assertive and very often make decisions properly.

Meanwhile people with bare hands often love the details, meticulous. They are very thoughtful, careful to work, which is repeated. When it comes to instant decision, they often have difficulty and need time.


While the other fingers indicate your personality, then thumb revealed people inside. People with stiff joints thumb often difficult to contact, or vigilance and practical. The plastic knuckles show you like spendthrift, impulsive, generous, open and easy to get along with the new. They relaxed mentally and even with the high ethical standards.

The palm sugar

Here is a map quite accurately predict the time about what will happen in the future, usually the error within 18 months.

Birth canal direction : Disclosure most major events in his life, including traveling, at the beginning and end of the emotional relationships, health status.

Careers : Express landmark change careers and the time to achieve the most positive step in my career. Sugar successful : meticulous presentation of these outstanding achievements, creativity and success due to efforts your. roads leading position : Disclosure of human personality as creative ability, fantasy or reality, a little at the end of the road junction where religion is a manifestation of creativity, writing. road of love : Express your emotional relationships is important in life. Sexually explicit charming, tiny little street shows you are serious and emotional smoothly. However, this line of many small only entangle and multiple cuts does not mean its owner was easy.



Street children : It is difficult to read correctly. Most women want to hear right unknowns from the children, but they are too small should be easy to misread. Only the clearest path yet to know exactly how many new children will be in practice later.

Palm mound and pointed : Go palms reveal personality, career orientation accordingly. Any higher mound predictions about human character that is especially true. Meanwhile, the road pointing to disclose important events in life.