The researchers compared 48 women's cycling athletes with 22 female runners. Regular cyclists pedal at least 16 km per week, while the runners pass the distance of at least 8 km a week.

"We found the girl cyclist reduced sensitivity in the genital area," study author Marsha Guess at Yale School of Medicine in the US said. "However, young women, healthy will not be much impact on sexual function and quality of life".

While the health benefits of cycling, there are many, this activity is also related to neck and back pain, pelvic pain and other injuries in both men and women. An earlier study by the Institute of Health and the National Occupational Safety performed in the US have found the link between the bike with erectile dysfunction and loss of sensation in the genitals of men.

"When you sit on the saddle, external genital nerve and artery pinched directly. Maybe this is often suppressed in the genital area of ​​women leads to neurological damage and blood vessels to inhibit the signaling to the brain, "Guess said.