Whenever sensitive seen pictures or thinking about "sex", I wake desire ... What can I do to lose this desire to go? What do I get sick? Ask your doctor to give me advice. I do not intend promiscuous or find someone else, just want to reduce your desire only. (Bich Thoa)


Artwork: Theatlantic.com.


Bich Thoa dear,

Thank you for sharing frank concern, his worries. Perhaps there are many people of both sexes have the same concerns as you by the sexual needs of each person is not the same. Sexual needs depends on many factors such as the amount of sex hormones in the blood, emotional level with your partner, life circumstances, the level of work stress, diet ...

In your case, first interested in the above elements of her husband, sympathy and improve each element to the fullest extent that you can. I only mentioned here a few simple examples: Make yourself become more attractive not only immediate husband by dressing but eat words, voice, manners with her husband, children and family pallet; Keeping bedrooms clean, tidy and decorated in line with interests of your spouse; Cook for her husband to eat foods that increase energy effects man, for example, fried crawfish fresh chives leaf, ginseng chicken soup, soup cooked loaches shallot seeds, sprouts (ideally you should take), seafood cooking with kidney yang tonic herbs such as three offensive, humiliating blooded, goji, Eucommea ...

On your side, I do not recommend that you reduce sexual desire but rather to control his desires. You yourself find out if you have any special interests, for example playing sports, reading books, listening to music, drawing, writing ... and invest time for this hobby. This way not only you have the passion but also make themselves more attractive in the eyes of her husband.

Wishing you and your partner happy.