According to the researchers, the use of too many devices to prevent children explore the environment during their first 3 years affect the development of social skills of the child later.

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Parents to children in strollers, car seats, little direct contact with children may affect, damage the long-term development of the child. Photo: galleryplus.

Sally Goddard Blythe According to the Institute of Psychology neural physiology UK, many parents already use the device to look younger as forward-facing strollers, car seats, chairs rocking ... in the long run because too busy. Some parents also use display technology based smart phones and tablets to look younger.

According to research results, these will affect the ability of social development, awareness of children in the future. "The balance and coordination skills learned in their first 36 months will be decisive academic results, performance testing in the future of each child," said Mrs. Goddard Blythe.

The direct social interaction will help children develop physically and mentally, expressed through the eyes, the ability to speak and the whole life of the child later. This is not possible if the child sitting in the stroller forward and carefree mother then use smartphones.  

"Children should have the opportunity to move freely, explore everything around, should be interactive, direct contact 'face to face' regularly with parents, whether it's just for cuddling, playing the simple game , "she recommends.

Previous studies from the University of Dundee have discovered children often sit in the stroller facing front, little sleep, laughing, interacting, talking with parents  can lead to "emotionally impoverished".  When not can look the parents, the child's stress levels and heart rate also increases faster. 

"Best Playground for babies in their first few months primarily the mother's body and the second is a clean blanket on the floor. From there the child will learn to control head and neck, self-aware managed to roll the people and sat alone. This is something that children can not sit trolley has been , "she shared Goddard Blythe.