Taxis, What's your name? Is a romantic movie comedy mixed episode is about 4/3 days in theaters. The film tells the story of his love Dr. Thuong Phong (Yangtze) Lower Cloud girl (Khanh Hien). On the journey to find happiness, Shanghai Feng charming taxi driver accompanies Binh Chi (Angela Phuong Trinh).

Besides the romantic scenes in Dalat, suspense film brings to both producers and actors by driving scenes. Recently, Changjiang recounted some dangerous scenes when sitting in cars Angela Phuong Trinh.


Angela Phuong Trinh Truong Giang and in the movies. 

"Phuong Trinh driving school only shortly should not have much experience in the mountain pass road, slope. In her first thought is always good to finish up the role of the off-ramp, slipping, running Actions are braking. She thought that the requirement should be directed even without passage also folded always wins. " Changjiang share several times that the car stopped next to him "sweating" but Phuong Trinh again found no problems. "I was very nervous, but she was still shooting in the  carefree eating normally," said comedian.

Share feelings about Angela Phuong Trinh, Changjiang compliment: "She's very good, professional, always on time. Especially very hard, to where inclement weather nor lament".

The stunts in the film are played by actress themselves. Spouses director Duc Thinh, Truong Giang and the members of the delegation appreciated the attitude and demand, not afraid of Phuong Trinh suffering though she looks frail.

Film projects directed by Meritorious Artist Do Duc Thinh - Vu Dinh Tuan done with the participation of the Yangtze, Angela Phuong Trinh Khanh Hien, Meritorious My Uyen, Phi Phung Trung Dan, Huangshan ... and foreign actors national Isida Shahini.