Independent Awards prize winner list announced today 27/2. Brie Larson named in the category "best actress" in the movie Room . This is worthy of glory for the star born in 1988, nine-year-old away from the forum and called intimate as muse of American independent film . The role young mother was kidnapped, raped and locked up nearly seven years with her ​​son in a room just over 3 square meters wide is assessed sensational. The actress is currently the candidates in this year's Oscar.

On the podium, Larson said: "I am very excited to be here because this independent film. Work has helped me grow up, help me understand that a real woman like, love is and mess of what life looks like. I also thank the parents who have supported me in everything by independent film financing is sometimes no ".

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Brie Larson received the "Actress" at the Independent Spirit Award.

Meanwhile, Spotlight won the "Film".  The film is based on a true story and  has a modest budget. Works tell the story simple but rich in humanity, reconstructed portrait of a courageous group of American journalists. They've uncovered pedophile scandal shocks in the early 21st century American church system. 

In addition to the "Film", Spotlight earned director Tom McCarthy award for "Best Director". Seamless stars in the film won "outstanding cast" film awards also dominant in two categories script and montage.

Pair of black stars in Beasts of No NationIdris Elba Abraham Attah and - respectively won " outstanding actor" and "best supporting actor". In the film, they play as a rebel leader and a young boy lost his family were forced into the small soldiers.

Award "Outstanding Actress" was awarded to the actress - Mya Taylor - in the film Tangerine. The film was shot with the iPhone 5s, girl  transformed into a transgender transsexual prostitute whose life hard American fig. 

Established since 1984, the Independent Spirit Awards the film awards of the non-profit organization - Film Independent - to encourage the private sector independent films by the major studios in Hollywood production. The award ceremony was held in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica, California, USA.