Brie Larson (Film  Room )


Brie Larson is currently the best candidates for the title of "best actress" Oscar this year. She turns winning a Golden Globe, Critic's Choice and SAG as Ma (Film Room ). In the independent film attention last year, plays the beautiful young girl abducted, raped, giving birth in a closed room for 7 years. In captivity, abused both physically and mentally, Ma has always sought to wrap, to teach the child, causing Mark - the name of the boy - remain pure innocence.

This is a complex role, many emotions. The first half of the film, Brie Larson's character is torn between fear, anger, despair and desire to give up love for the child. Second half of the film, she must face the psychological aftershocks, feeling nostalgic youth, angry with the world around him and the helpless, disoriented by a person with absolutely no concept of what to do next. To Vietnam last week to film blockbuster Kong: Skull Island but today 24/2, the actress has returned to the US to attend the Academy.

Saoirse Ronan (film  Brooklyn )


Opponents of Brie Larson is the most powerful of the film Saoirse Ronan Brooklyn . Beautiful people born in 1994 was known as Briony Tallis in the film Atonement . Then, she continued success as Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones . For years, Saoirse Ronan always be critically assessed as promising young faces of Hollywood. What she needs is a true portrayal breakthrough to demonstrate their talents. Last chance to Eilis Lacey Saoirse role in the film through Brooklyn .

Eilis Lacey is a young woman looking to the promised land of Ireland with the desire to change your life in 1950 Difficulties and challenges, Eilis always maintain optimism and gradually build a new life alien surroundings. Deep blue eyes, the face looks younger and beloved by Saoirse Ronan easily won the hearts of the audience. She really shines in her pictures have nature naive, honest but also very courageous, unyielding. In the context of immigration is a hot topic in the world, the role of Saoirse Ronan is very likely to be in favor Academy.

Charlotte Rampling (film  45 Years )


Born in 1946, Charlotte Rampling is best known European art films such as The Damned, Farewell, My Lovely , or Stardust Memories ... At age 60, she received an Oscar nomination for his first wife in the film 45 Years . The film tells the story of a couple preparing to celebrate 45 years of her wedding, received the shocking news - Determine ex husband has been detected in the state preserved almost intact after nearly 50 years. News that has shaken nest of seemingly solid elderly couple, disturbance life is peaceful.

"Delicate" is the word that can describe the performances by Charlotte Rampling. She was successful incarnation woman loves her husband, and express emotions less storm looks always proved peaceful. Is the oldest person in the orchestra candidate, if the former, Charlotte Rampling easy to get a chance to touch the gold statue when the Academy often favor older actors. But times have changed, that trend has been reduced by Oscar in recent years.

Cate Blanchett (film  Carol )


Beauties from Australia is no stranger to the spotlight. Cate Blanchett 7 times each receive Oscar nominations and has won twice. Also, Cate also received three Golden Globes, three SAG Award, BAFTA three ... She was the audience favorite through films like Elizabeth, The Aviator , the blockbuster series Lord of the Rings, Blue Jasmine ... Oscar Season this, Cate continues to be nominated for the role of Carol gay woman in the film of the same name.

Carol is an elite lady, beautiful, rich but lacking love. She looks cold, distant, powerful strong but have a complex internal and emotional. Behind looks contemptuously indifferent is a hot heart, always ready to explode. This is a role even more prized Jasmine role in Blue Jasmine ever give Cate the Oscar two years ago. However with the achievements made, the more likely this year will have to cede Cate chance of winning for more new faces.

Jennifer Lawrence (Film  Joy )


26-year-old and four Oscar nominations for acting category, Jennifer Lawrence is the brightest star in Hollywood. She often played strong female characters, stubborn, somewhat erratic personality. The audience loved her role as Mystique through in the series X-Men or Katniss Everdeen in the film series The Hunger Games . Her expertise is appreciated through films like Silver Linings Playbook or American Hustle .

This year, Jennifer received another Oscar nomination for her role as single mother Joy in the film of the same name. Overcoming difficulties in personal life and work, Joy became a millionaire thanks to the field itself and talent. The film was not critically praised but starring Jennifer Lawrence has been much praise. However, compared to the remaining candidates, chances of winning actress born in 1990 no higher.

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