Now I have a girlfriend and two children still keep each other up to the wedding day. Many find themselves reading the newspaper said that nearly all the benefits of circumcision without cutting has been found say why not? I have not circumcised, it's a bit long but I still clean and still pull it fell to be, just a little uncomfortable at Diamond.

I saw at normal foreskin very pleasant because it is not rubbing against the outside. It is not clear that circumcision had no effect on the conjugal relationship in the future. ( Tuan ).


Artwork: Menshealth .


Dear friends,

Normally, when men reach adulthood, the skin sheathed penis (called the foreskin) will slip to less or more when the erect penis to expose the glans.

In some teenage skin remains sheathed penis all the top leaving only a small hole to remove the urine, can not be flipped up to be treated as phimosis. The phenomenon of the foreskin long foreskin mouth close to the hole direction data but still can be flipped up.

When phimosis or foreskin long, urine usually left inside the leather, scaling, making it difficult for the hygiene. Over time can cause the glans inflammation affecting the health and quality of sexual life, even cause penile cancer.

Circumcision is simply a minor for the purpose of removal of excess skin layer to the glans cleaner. The doctor removed excess skin, keep the cord so that the pleasure win unscathed. The surgery skin may swell a bit and slightly bloated by remaining anesthetics, but just days after the skin will return to normal shape with the foreskin has been removed.

The circumcision is beneficial for hygiene helps genitals, limit the risk of penile infection. However, depending on the skill and experience of the surgery the doctor should have as unsatisfactory may lead to reduced sexual pleasure during sex because the skin has been removed was sometimes associated with some pleasure nerves.

In your case, it may not need surgical circumcision if it does not affect the health and quality of life. It is important to always remember to watch cleanliness of you.

Wish you good health.