Skillfully with French omelette

Eggs require gold finished outside, if there is somewhere to brown means you have failed, while in the middle is still supple creamy eggs.

Parsley soup cold cooked potatoes

Soup provides nutrition, energy, suitable for cold days.

Nursing beauty dish from sea cucumbers

Sea cucumber, also known as sea leeches, Oriental medicine as food beneficial to health, especially to help women keep beauty, anti-aging and the best diet.

Salanganes'Nest processing the royal delicacies

Salanganes'Nest processing is not very difficult, but laborious, it takes about 2 hours to soak the oats to add another hour and picked up thoroughly coat.

4 pieces gentleman quicken the woman he loves

It only takes about 5 minutes into the kitchen, men would have done the simple but delicious cuisine and passionate love to the woman's family 8/3.

13 little known feature of cucumber

Maybe you do not know the cucumber has the ability to clean the sink, rejuvenates the skin and get rid of a hangover after drinking.

Tea refreshing shower on hot days

Tea can cook with fresh or dried lotus seeds, cooling dish nursing care and health benefits.

Green papaya soup with sausage stew nails

This is quite consistent with soup northern weather these days. Especially, for those mothers who are breastfeeding, as often this soup will help the more milk.

Clams 2 items

Clam delicious seafood is easy to find, in addition to the usual dishes like boiled steaming, you can cook the soup with fried rice or contract.

11 gold winning delicacies Asian young chef

Beef sautéed oyster sauce and fried shrimp with garlic oyster sauce chef from Taiwan conquer contest judging by the exquisite cuisine in form and taste.

Two delicious tofu dishes easily made

Tofu can be to spend a few days in the refrigerator. When needed, just 10 minutes processing or fried spicy sauce is trichromatic you both delicacies for dinner.

3 salads for hot days

Just 5 minutes you can be done with cheese or mixed salad with smoked bacon, ham.

Rose charm from strawberries

It's simple and fast, just a little creativity, you can turn strawberries into the brilliant roses, sweet, spring meal more appealing.

2 shrimp dishes easily made

With tiger prawns or crayfish, you can fry an egg usually salted or processed than rim with coconut water.

3 rustic dishes away

You are just 30 minutes away families with delicious dishes for breakfast or served with all kinds of rolls for wedding anniversaries, banquets.

Fragrant lemon pepper grilled chicken

Dishes are sour, spicy, seductive fragrance and attractive yellow color will make your family members difficult to resist.

2 rice cake soup for the weekend

Compared with the filter cake soup or rice flour dough is molded rice flour bread soup more appealing by the fresh, chopped egg noodle nowhere there.

20 minutes processing squid

You can invite the whole family to eat fried squid ink or sour soup. The trick to choosing fresh ink is the bright red color of meat, stick to the body early, unruptured ink bag.

Soup for hot days

This hot days, seafood soup or mushroom soup pearl abalone help heat the whole house easy to eat.

Vegetarian dishes for the first 3 months of the date

Just 30 minutes you have finished processing the sesame fried tofu dishes, geese stir-fried shiitake, soy sauce elected.

2 dishes pork ribs

Select the slopes not too young, more bone cartilage, bones no larger stalks too tough meat will not taste good.

These dishes astronauts in space

Crew spacecraft Shenzhou 9, 10 (China) using compressed spicy spices in tubes to eat when in the zero gravity environment.

Bitter melon soup cooling

To change the familiar taste bitter stew dish, try bitter melon soup with catfish cells or meatballs.

Shrimp spring rolls

How to make a little picky, but finished a delicious, eye-catching will make you regret not with this dish.

Baked potatoes sauteed onions

Food from familiar ingredients will taste very special, attractive, with a few minor variations.

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