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Fish sex change in the Middle East

Researchers Israel, Palestine and Germany want to turn the freshwater fish into males, a sex change they hope will produce bigger fish on the dinner table.

Easy weight age of men and women

Women are more likely to gain weight at the age of 38, while the age of easy weight gain in men is 44.

Guess he last counted sitting

Men are usually very discreet in expressing himself. Daily habits, from a sitting to look, his gestures may reveal some interesting things about personality. You try watching offline.

This month features

Most of us like to have your birthday month the most, but the following quiz you select the month you want to enjoy true by factors such as weather, seasonal cuisine, natural surroundings.

Online counseling selection overall health care package

14h30 everyday 23/5, Dr. Tran Thi Hong An, Director Victoria Healthcare clinics and doctors America America Nguyen Canh Nam, general internal medicine specialist would advise readers to the problems related to general health check fan.

Condoms play

Ukrainian scientist has invented a condom can play music while using sex.

Female space tourist returns to Earth

Soyuz ship carrying tourists Iranian-American Anousheh Ansari landed safely down this morning pasture Kazakhstan.

High cholesterol risk of infertility in women

High cholesterol levels are not only harmful to cardiovascular health but also related to the risk of infertility in women.

Why rock in fridge cloudiness?

The children are curious will find that countries throughout the sometimes opaque stones create a strange way. The main reason is the country in which you pour into the ice tray is not completely pure, which contain small amounts of minerals and suspended solids.

How to publicize their true gender

I am a lesbian living in a rural area. If people knew I was gay, I would be discriminated against. I felt desperate because there is no escape.

Climbing trees know 'sniffing'

Parasitic dodder plants do not have a nose, but it knows how to sniff out its prey and attack crop plants such as tomatoes, carrots, onions, citrus, alfalfa and even flowers.

Social workers who sleep more often

It sounds absurd because obviously the mogul, participated in many social activities they do have time to sleep. But science has proven the opposite.

Funny pots made from junk

No need to invest large house or care much, you still have green eyes around the house, in the yard.

Dreaming legs

You see the legs appear in the dream, it makes you very confused. If dreams are washing the feet, you are modest and are dedicated to the job.

Detect spider silk release ... legs

Spider silk is usually generated from the lower abdomen, but the German researchers recently stumbled across the tropical spider silk secreted sticky hairy legs. It seems that this kind of support they stick silk on the walls and ceiling.