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Hanoi people rushed out cooling pool

Hundreds of children, adults in Sai Son, Quoc Oai (Hanoi) on the end of the day to bring life jackets, float pools, flowing into Long Tri lakes for swimming before Thay Pagoda.

Priority mother sparrow sons over daughters

Like other mothers, house sparrows always want to protect their children from these harmful parasites. But she still preferred finch males than young females weak rigidity.

She is allergic to water

Just a glass of water can also kill Heidi Falconer. She had never been away in the rain, do not know how the pool, never even bathing delight.

Smartphones ruin how your health

You often feel stiff and pain in the fingers, wrists? Maybe it is due to the habit of using your smartphone for too long.

99% beneficial insects to humans

That is confirmed by scientists at a special festival for insects is happening in the city of Wageningen, southern Netherlands. Coming here, people will be attending many useful activities to learn more about this tiny species.

How to solve your challenges

Your current challenge is what? Be determined by adding together the numbers of your birth date together until they fell to a single digit. For example, you born on 6/9, 6 + 9 = 15, 1 + 5 = continued 6. You see number 6.

Earlier 'small boy' cracked and converted into white

Top of my penis naturally turns white. When relations, scalp "small boy" cracked and bleeding.

Durable non-flammable paper

Researchers at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville (USA) has developed an ultra-durable paper, capable of fire retardant, antibacterial, reuse and kill germs.

The detector detects new types of weapons on the people

Another type of high frequency radio scanners will support the new generation more effective airport security department and railways, thanks to the ability to automatically detect concealed dagger or gun skills.

Women habits never change

While most men are known for dirty habits, smoking, drinking, women make men dread disease "talkative".

Mona Lisa has a baby while sitting as a model

Mona Lisa, the mysterious woman in the masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century, sits just modeling at the 2nd born son, a French art expert said.

Pregnant fossil ichthyosaurs neglected

3 fossils of ancient marine lizards, including a pregnant fossil, the new Canadian paleontologists discovered, beneath the ping pong table.

Why chest pain prior to menstruation

Many women complained of chest pain prior to menstruation, or perhaps pain during and after menstruation. Why is there this phenomenon?

Weightless surgery 'successful'

The team of French doctors say they have successfully performed surgery on the arm first person in weightless conditions, on a specially designed Airbus.

Finger length athletic abilities revealed

Finger length could be a simple way to know if a woman is likely to be a potential sports stars or not.