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8 signs of poor man 'sex'

Drunk, kissed very poor, always the mother cult show, smelled nasty ... are indicative that's not good man sex skills.

Excluding malaria by ... sugar

Taking advantage of the mosquito sugar preferences, one can eliminate the insects and the eradication of malaria that we brought in, the Israeli scientists announced yesterday.

'Strange object' delays shuttle's return

Space Shuttle Atlantis had to delay US return to earth after it was discovered an unknown object hovering nearby origin.

Frequency of 'love' how much is normal

If you wonder how much the frequency of once a week is enough, here is a study of the dual problem.

Explore Fall

Fall has arrived. His move heaven and earth. The leaves change color, the weather will be cold, and slow down the clock. But do you know the story behind the signs of this season? Try to explore the following interesting information.

And she was the same guy on the bed pretending

In the wild, such things so complicated. Impelled by bestial instincts, a male will spring upon her children for the purpose is clearly to breeding. Children need not feel an orgasm or not. Reproductive easy task to be completed after a series of familiar actions.

Health benefits of vinegar

The presence of calcium in the fruit and the ability to support the body to absorb calcium can help make bones become stronger.

The dream of nails

Last night, you saw a hand with long nails appear in dreams. You do not know what throbbing imminent.

People seem to not follow the rules of evolution

According to Darwinism, the general trend of evolution is developed from low to high, from poor finishing to complete in order to adapt to the environment. But humans do not seem to fully comply with such laws.

The neat style functional sofa

You will be surprised to discover that the chair can accommodate many things, change shape ...

Sex or longevity?

Four out of 10 people in the UK are willing to forgo sex if it can help them live up to 100 years old.

Space Shuttle Atlantis returns to Earth

Atlantis has landed safely in Florida yesterday afternoon (GMT), ending flights to 12 days to start assembly work on the International Station

Business students enjoy most fraud

These graduate students studying business in the United States and Canada is easy to cheat in examinations of all, compared with students in other disciplines.

Private rooms decorated as gifts baby on 1/6

Fun room with furniture items matching age, personality and preferences will be little meaningful gift for the International Children's Day.

Mona Liza is ... men

Professor Timoti Van at the University of Maryland, USA, was concluded on after comparing the similarities between portrait of the Mona Liza and Leonardo da Vinci. Not without cause that has identified that the painter painted models from ourselves.