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Beautiful honeymoon couple 80 years ago

Ministry of images recorded images sweet, romantic way to drive yourself around the UK of a newly married couple, since 1939.

Chocolate better than Viagra

Viagra can help warm up your sex life, but chocolate also make your bedroom more fiery.

When animals are ... Warrior

Bees have a knack for sniffing, they are trained, they are easier to detect explosives kilometers away. But even, bee quite giddy, on the road "on duty" is swooping down just to see flowers, make themselves wildly signaling chip up.

The ideal type of bookcases in the bedroom

If you have the habit of reading in the bedroom, please turn into the corner of the beautiful places to house.

First female tourists into space

A Russian Soyuz rocket took off from Baikonur in Kazakhstan airport at midday (GMT), carrying Anousheh Ansari , entrepreneur female Iranian-American telecommunications - the first woman to fly tourists to the International Station.

Echo in my head is 'common thing'

For some people, the phenomenon of hearing voices in his head was a positive experience, but not a sign of mental illness or exhaustion at all.

Recipes help gentleman 'on top' stronger

There are ways to help men not only peaked, but also extend and expand the golden moment, up to the "super-peak".

Date of Birth reveals secret

Scorpio born man offering vibrant, capable of doing the most unexpected action. They are often great artists or reckless playboy, is the ideal partner but celibate, could not play the model husband.

Read storm through tree ring history

Oxygen taken from the growth rings in trees would help answer whether hurricanes are getting stronger and more frequent occurrence, US researchers said.

The truth about sunscreen

Sunscreens are not always waterproof. Blacks still need sunscreen. A cup filled with new sunscreen protection both body ...

Detecting known shark species 'cow'

Two sharks "crawl" on the seabed, a strange flashing fish and coral variety ... are only a fraction of the 52 new species found off Indonesia, has confirmed the western Pacific region is rich waters the most diverse on earth.

Why do we itch?

When skin is itchy, it excites the brain to cause us to scratch, even when sleeping. But the mechanism behind this annoying itch still poorly understood, and a new discovery makes the problem becomes more complex.

Sort feng shui to boost the fortunes of money

Do not let water leak, keeping the kitchen clean or pick your favorite color ... are tips to help you attract money and joy into the house.

Karaoke and his personality

Maybe you do not believe, but his style of karaoke rooms to be part of his people there. Try to observe the karaoke room, men often do and compare it to answer offline.

Seed awoke after 200 years

Scientists from Bank Millennium Seed, of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK), was stimulated by 3 seed stored crops sprout from 1803.