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Brain atrophy by 25% if chronic insomnia

Published recently in the American Journal of Neuroscience shows that prolonged sleep losing 25% brain nerve cells. The brain damage caused by insomnia is very difficult to recover, even can not replicate.

Read 'partner' through body language

When you see someone attractive, your eyebrows will be raised up. If you also want to seduce you, he will have a similar gesture. This attitude lasted only 1/5 seconds but happen to both sexes, of all ages.

Detecting planets 'cork'

A newly found planets have only 1/4 the proportion of water and will float if dropped into a tub big enough to hold it.

First tree genome

American black poplar plants has become the 3rd, after rice and Arabidopsis thaliana grasses named, was unveiled secrets of the structure of genes. This success can help create these trees for wood, paper and fuel better.

The oldest discovered handwriting Americas

Ancient civilizations in Mexico developed a writing system from 2,000 years ago.

7 things you should know in order to love her boyfriend sustainable

The problem in the past and plans for the future, his hobbies ... are the things you should learn before deciding to go further.

Celebrities often selfish

A new study confirms what we have long thought: the stars often ask myself than others.

Smart people less headaches

High IQ is not only genius to distinguish those who are often, but it also refers to the smart people will encounter fewer headaches caused by alcohol.

Its pretty or not pretty

This question is troubling you every time you stand in front of the mirror. A self-portrait photos will give you an answer.

Warning signs of mental illness in children

If children show signs of depression or self-withdrawal from 2 weeks or more may be a sign of depression.

Why not take the lion's mane man?

A simple answer to the question why some male lion mane back no, or only a few strands of hair around her thin neck: it is because we are trying to cool down.

Eggs know 'say'

In supermarkets in the UK, in the coming months appear eggs "revolutionary", capable of cooking let people know whether or not cooked egg dishes.

Jellyfish manage infants were burned

Children at the beach, playing in the water, if it hits the beach fringed jellyfish beard will poisoning caused severe pain.

Condoms world's oldest

Contraceptive oldest surviving world has been put on display at the museum Austria. The condom can be reused in 1640 and has since remained intact.

Catastrophic experiment in Indian zoo

21 lions are dying in a zoo in north India after a cross-breeding experiments to increase the attractiveness of the zoos have serious mistake.