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Uses less known of leaves and lotus

Lotus leaves and flowers are seen as precious medicines from ancient times, treat many diseases of modern life brings.

New bird species discovered in India

A new bird species has been recognized in northeast India, has named Bugun liocichla, with 14 individuals surviving.

Why men warlike?

Men have developed a mentality that they are particularly interested in participating in the war.

Japanese-style bedroom simple but chic

Beds and furniture are very low, simple design of the room is mainly wood color, black, white, red.

Turn away not mean to ignore

Teachers take note: When students gaze direction away before your question, the fact we are able to focus thinking to give the best answers.

Helmet was 'more dangerous'

Cyclists wearing helmets at risk for much more concrete car than when not wearing a hat, a researcher from the University of Bath, UK warns.

5 good idea but the husband and wife hates

Buy jewelry for his wife, jumps into the bathroom while she was in, asking when his wife or about ... is what he expressed an interest in her, but it made her angry.

Feng Shui for personality

According to Chinese youth, if you have a little bit of change daily to suit the personality, your life will be so much better.

The hoax of beetles

Dan larvae of beetles species of bees disguised so ingenious that males will try to mate with them and bring them to his house. Thus the larvae live in luxury by the food and shelter of the owner.

Feng shui tips to attract love

With a few small changes, such as additional double furniture, discarded the negative symbol, love will find you.

Aging well kiss

Many couples complain but still love each other but have lost the passionate kiss ever.

Guess lifestyle through music preferences

Fan of hip hop have more sexual partners in the last 5 years, while those who prefer classical music is very likely to have tried drugs.

5 things you should not do immediately after a meal

These things can make you feel uncomfortable and affect your overall health in a long time.

These animals have the most ugly face

Derived from the Spanish, "Matamata" means: "to kill! Kill!". Speaking figuratively, the turtle named ugly that it can kill your eyesight.

Men are smarter than women?

A scientist at leading US have confirmed that men have higher IQ scores 3.63 points compared to the weaker sex.