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The reason to take good care of teeth

Oral disease not only affects the teeth but also cause serious health problems.

The interesting thing about animals

You do not underestimate the ostrich offline. They can run faster than horses and ostriches empty, it can run as fast as a lion that!

Why have deep diving without oxygen tanks?

Half a century ago, scientists say humans can not dive as deep as 115 feet (35 meters) for a time, but today this possibility was being left behind. Someone took a long dive to 8 minutes at a depth of about 105 meters without oxygen tanks.

Walking may be the solution for kidney ailments

Kidney patients can avoid death or disability caused by the disease, just by walking, according to a new study.

Space Shuttle Atlantis takes off safely

3rd space shuttle since the tragic accident of shuttle Columbia took off in May 2/2003 yesterday, after 2 weeks delay because of the weather and technical problems.

Panda mother died crushed

An ill-fated baby panda died yesterday in China due to the huge mothers must override. Dam, after two sleepless days, were down because sleepy animals and crushed 2-day-old child that it is cared for.

Infants and apes alike remember

Infants and apes use the same tricks to remember the location of objects, but as the child grows, the way they have changed.

Birthday and fashion

Are you a gourmet? Discover your style of dress through the birth and thereby create a beautiful image for her.

The most expensive animal world

May 4/2006, Australia has rejected projects worth 200 million dollars for wind power plants in Victoria for fear of harm to the red-bellied parrot. The decision led many industrialists surprised because according to a study, when the plant is operating, the birds will have 1 child death risk after each ... 1,000 years!

The tea is good for health

Ginger tea helps fight most infections, coughs, colds and other pathogenic bacteria.

Fabrics made of straw and feathers

Straw and feathers will appear in the popular futuristic outfit. Not the plumage or a linen sheet, which feathers or straw will be woven into fabrics like wool, linen or cotton.

Mud compressed into bricks

Weng Huanxin, a professor at Zhejiang University, China has successfully developed a new method of turning sludge into non-toxic materials to make bricks and cement cheaply.

After parting sorrow husband mistress

About a month ago, I saw the suspect should have learned and found her husband having an affair with a young woman. I have caught two people embrace each other.

Sea fish can change sex

Green sea fish youngest head of reef life may vary depending on the herd gender which we live.

Pluto are just a number: 134 340

Pluto was wearing a different name, commensurate with the status of the newly redefined it as an asteroid.