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The average life expectancy increased by 6 years global

A girl born in 2012 can live up to 73 years old and a boy can live to 68, according to a new report by the World Health Organization.

Unexpectedly effective tips

When you feel a toothache, you just lightly rub ice on the back of hands, forming a V-shaped space between the thumb and forefinger. Your pain will be reduced by half.

Give yourself as a gift for the new school year?

First, you have to go shopping already. How you pick yourself items also will reveal a lot about you.

DNA found in men 70 years old woman

A 70-year-old woman were married in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south China has been informed that owns XY chromosomes, the gene that is typical of the man.

Common myths about sex men

Prelude not just in bed, wife use sex toys is not necessarily because you are not satisfied with, women more comfortable, "love" is the lack of light ... little eyebrow whiskers out.

Personality does not depend on genes

Gene shaping health and our appearance more than make up the personality. A new study of thousands of people living in an isolated region has shown the world that way.

Politicians hard through public eye

A politician can not lie perfectly in public, by their body language will snitch is.

Do you dare to live as ourselves?

You express your feelings like? Discreet, conservative or "straight horse gut"? Try the following quiz to see if you can be honest with who dare to live their feelings do not agree.

Telepathic telephone

Many people have experienced situations when you are thinking about someone, then received a phone call one's own. Now a scientist claims to have found evidence of psychic phenomena by telephone.

Why smelly sperm

After ejaculation, I found my sperm smell. Do not know why, did I get sick? Looking forward to consulting your doctor. (Inspiration)

Robot specialist wine tasting

Japanese researchers invented a new kind of robot that is capable of distinguishing the taste of alcohol and analyze different foods.

Exercise will 'love' better

These guys lose weight without having to resort to drugs will have sexual activity was improved significantly.

Premature ejaculation due to prolonged masturbation

Please consult your doctor, if premature ejaculation by masturbation for a long time have not cured? The disease can cause infertility it? (Rim).

Decoding confused duck syndrome of dogs?

Although most of us do not draw a perfect duck so much, but still accurate, then a few people to sketch my uncle into 4 feet and even more all ... eyebrows.

Jerry Mouse does not like cheese

In contrast with these funny pictures of cartoon Tom and Jerry, mice do not like cheese.