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Caesarean children prone to obesity

Scale studies in this field show that Caesarean babies risk of overweight and obesity higher than 25% of children born in the natural way.

Save the baby 10 months faster measles complications are rare

After 2 days coughing, fever, rash caused by measles, Little Kieu Chinh (10 months, in Hanoi) severe respiratory failure. Measles virus directly attacks the lungs of the baby even at an early stage.

8 reasons to eat oranges strengthen

Oranges are rich in fiber, which helps support the digestive process. Besides, this fruit also helps prevent stomach ulcers and acid reflux.

Why not sit much better for you

Long time sitting on the office chair will lead to a lot of chronic problems that you may not recognize.

$ 5 million mansion of actor Leonardo DiCaprio

After selling the house in Malibu coast, American stars have chosen to live in the sunny land of Palm Springs (California, USA).

Unique cafe from discarded items

The old furniture and items left are arranged alternative, contributing to the unique atmosphere of the cafe. Guests can comfortably store mark by the drawings on the walls, floors, furniture ...

The fruit peel eat better than the gut

Peel oranges, apples, onions or peeled before eating is a habit of many people. However, do you know the nutritional content of their shells can even more than in the gut.

Umbrella on rainy day saying how you solve problems

Imagine you wake up after a good night's sleep, but when looking out, you notice that the rain was loud.

The flowers and leaves room dispel gloomy

You will not be bored because of the rainy day when she saw the curtains, bedding or carpet motifs in its in-house commission.

27-year-old was suffering from premature ejaculation

Em, 27, genitals completely normal, good health. I often ties but very fast ejaculation. Additionally you or dream computer. How sick you anything? (Cuong)

HIV virus can survive in water

If the body with bleeding wounds or recently completed relations, the penis remains sticky semen that the water in the toilet to wash, so there is no risk of HIV infection? (The Son)

10 foods that increase sperm count

The quality and quantity of sperm capable decided to fatherhood. These gentlemen are eager to have children should be enhanced after eating these foods:

Beautiful apartment with cheap interior of British editors

Cate hunter discount furniture or decorative items old for his nest.

The principles at the cavalry with kitchen

Kitchen to avoid the wind, avoid water, away from the bedroom. Kitchens must be well ventilated, fresh overlooking door will get blessed.

Little known effect of milk

Not only bones, milk also makes your skin smooth, bright, teeth and muscles are strengthened. There are many benefits of milk you can not know whether to drink it every day.