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Calves have 'wings'

A strange creature has just launched in Udmurt Republic, the Russian Federation under - a calf with wings! Frankly, calves are a side on the back foot.

Facebook sabotage your life how

People spend more time using social networks daily risk more divorced, according to new research published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

How to treat drinking water with arsenic

Center Rural Water sanitation activities Hatay gave the standard model can filter tank 80 x 80 x 100 area cm, which has 1 yellow sand layer 50 cm thick coarse particles, the bottom is 10 cm thick layer of gravel to filtration; while the top has a simple rig Spraying with PVC pipe. This filter will get rid of 90% of arsenic in water.

The battle of the organization Greenpeace

Between the ship's organization Greenpeace and the Japanese hunters taking place a rush, sometimes like a naval battle. Since Japanese campaigned annual whaling, Greenpeace members regularly as a shield between the hunter and the prey.

No roof house in Japan

Sou Fujimoto's Japanese architect known for designing extremely unique as a tree, a transparent ... In a recent project, he designed a house with no roof.

Build a house in just 1 day

The houses cost just 1/5 today and construction machinery in one day is not fiction. A US engineering professor has invented a device system can do that.

Random inventions worthwhile

There are inventions ever upset the whole world was born almost by accident, like Viagra for men or penicillin antibiotics ... Wired Magazine has collected some of which may be due to "luck".

Why astronauts or insomnia?

Insomnia and deep sleep is routine of astronauts, especially when they're on a long space in weightless conditions. The missing clock signals made in human biological clock they gradually useless.

Interesting things about the eyes

Have you ever tried just sneeze just trying to open his eyes yet? Certainly one thing you can not do that. Can see the closing of the eyelids is a self-defense mechanism.

Successful bone cancer cure from measles virus

A 49-year-old patient has been cured of bone cancer therapy measles virus injected into the body in particular form.

Tickling - feeling 'happy' scary

Who is sensitive to the "pain" is also very easy to "tickling". In the kind of folk, they are the "ticklish". Tickling sensation is born as from 21 days of age, the child has to know tickling, signifying that wiggled when we touch on sensitive parts of them.

People may hunch before death?

One afternoon, Doroni Grigority wife, 20 years old, suddenly said: I'm tired, perhaps you are about to leave this world. The next day, her car accident and died. Some people may see their death approaching? Predicting whether or premonition of death is the truth?

Turn into like new cabinets peeling

From an old dresser in each waste buying, creative owners had the place to map pretty handy.

Mother deer do not recognize my voice

The deer overactive child recognize mother called, but the wild mothers to not recognize their child based solely on the cry, a recent discovery said.

Woman with 2 body in 1

Lydia Fairchild birth 3 times. When applying for monthly allowances for raising children, she was petrified when the judge declared her boyfriend is the father children. And she, who gave birth to them is not the mother, because of her DNA does not coincide with them.