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Playing games on dress

Pong Game dress by Max Moswitzer artists and Magarete Jahrmann at Ludic Society, USA, design.

Leather slip marks on the head 'small boy' danger

I am 30 years old, married. Recently the first "small boy" skin slip traces appear red circle, with an erection that is touching or relational pain. (Hoang Dinh).

Trouble naming things science

Hug me arguing, debating for several years ... is what happens around the butterfly story naming the new findings, the other elements have found new or see the other star.

Portugal issuing biometric passports

From yesterday, the Portuguese began using biometric passports, with the first to be delivered to President Aníbal Cavaco Silva at a ceremony in Lisbon yesterday.

To avoid argument after marriage Classified

Husband and wife quarrel for petty things are commonplace. This is increasingly going on when you begin to treat the enemy is obvious and things started to regard his ego.

Sunlight helps prevent sleepiness

To sunlight entered the room during the day will not only rekindle your spirit but also keep you awake and avoid the afternoon sleepiness.

Turn off the television and start memory

Turn off the TV, a crossword and eating more fish will be the key to a better memory, an Australian survey has found such.

Create a new style for the home without costly

Only by Statistics replace the furniture or upholstery fabric sofa, you have to create new space for the eye-catching building.

Mistakes in thriller

According to Newton's law, the image of the ghost will have to rebuild all, a physicist - who use mathematics and psychology to figure out how to create holes in the shape of ghosts and vampires Hollywood - declare.

Strange feeling fellowship at the twins

The identical twins as carved not only share genetic similarities, but they can feel the pain and the happiness of the other. Here are a few such cases among 45,000 twins in Australia.

Onigiri Lac Dao village

Every day, thousands of white rice balls, scented plastics Lac Dao people (Van Lam, Hung Yen) brought into the city. Onigiri profession had here over 20 years.

What shaped your moon?

Now you just draw a moon away. Any way you imagine the moon offline. Then, watch your moon-like yet in the shape afterwards. Finally, watch the moon to reveal anything about you offline.

Same sex to help teachers and lectures more effectively

Of all the differences between the sexes, differences below might stir up debate in the teacher's lounge: Boys learn more from teachers, while girls better absorb the lessons of the neck.

How ultra-thin television set in the living room

The big screen TV in the living space and the public will help the whole family come together more.

5 bulbs enough to 'run' on air

Of course, not every light fitting is it to take off, but the fuel cell system of the aircraft only produces 500 watts, the equivalent power to light five bulbs. It is the plane's biggest unmanned hydrogen fuel only has been tested successfully in the US.