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Wife wanted to 'love' without

I am 29 years old, my wife is 21 years old. We had a little glitch in sexual activity so far has not been able to relate.

First found dark matter

The first direct evidence of dark matter, astronomers recently announced, although they remain vague on components that make up this spooky material things.

Why know spring flowers?

A flower scavenger 1.5 m high at Brooklyn blooms the first time in weeks, emit a powerful stench lasted for 3 days. Fortunately, with the Dutch tulip grower, flowers bloom only in spring and sweet scented much.

Walking postprandial digestive system disease

If after eating, you are walking or other movements, advocacy agencies will vie for the blood of the stomach and intestines, making digestion of food is affected.

Trust is created in a flash

People judge others have reliable or not just one tenth of a second.

Russian mathematician refused any recognition

Along with three other mathematicians, Dr. Grigory Perelman Russians nominated Fields Prize, the most prestigious award for mathematicians, is considered equivalent to the Nobel Prize. But he refused.

Alert level glomerulonephritis after strep throat

In Vietnam, 40% grade glomerulonephritis occurs after upper respiratory tract infections and 60% next level glomerulonephritis skin infections caused by streptococcus.

Most people spend at the age of 34

Age 34, is considered the best in my life to spend, a survey in Britain showed that.

Reviewing the consecutive lost radioactive sources

After the incident took 16/8 radioactive sources last day at the company Song Da Cement Peace, 22/8 day, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has asked the Ministry of Science and Technology to clarify management responsibilities of state the Ministry of the occurrence of such incidents in succession.

The house should be allocated to the young do

Tidy up toys, baby sitter, make the beds, do the kitchen, dusting ... are things that a child should be mastered before entering high school.

Why do men betray?

US Glamour magazine interviewed 100 men that they had never faced the risk of cheating spouses, 91% answered yes; 51% of which were irresistible circumstances.

'Of quarter' of smaller polar bear

The Arctic ice is not the only thing that is becoming smaller. Genitals of bears in eastern Greenland white are also increasingly withered away, because of the impact of industrial pollutants.

7 Exercises for the brain sharp

Learning a new language gives you many benefits, the brain active helps prevent the memory loss.

Taking stem cells destroys embryos without

People do not need to destroy an embryo to obtain stem cells for medical research. A US biotech company succeeded in separating the cells from embryos without killing them, remove obstacles to a long ethical issues.

The Aztecs specialized predatory inmates

The skeleton was found at an excavation site in Mexico show Aztecs captured once, sacrifice and eat hundreds of Spanish troops to invade in 1520.