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India produces electricity from bamboo

India will build a power plant "green" bamboo in the state of Mizoram run at a cost of 28.5 million rupees ($ 620,000), to help meet the energy needs of the country's northeastern region.

Obstacles in his quest to find a mate

Many older women but also the odd ball. What hinders you on the road to find true happiness?

Potted say about you?

The main reason for each of us to keep a small potted indoor plants not only for beauty but also to meet the demand is simple: Demand is needed. There are indoor houseplants, you know that there is a little animal takes care of your hands.

Lifejackets automatic emergency signal

Research Center for new technologies (Petech) has successfully designed and rescue at sea life jackets, life jackets shaped like usual, but more functional rescue, weighing up to 3 kg.

Tip easily cleaned bathrooms

Lemon, vinegar and potato skins can turn your bathroom spotless and shiny.

Anti-caries gum

German scientists have produced a type of bacteria gum can help prevent tooth decay effectively.

Found rare painting of Genghis Khan

The Chinese heritage workers have discovered a rare painting of the famous emperor of Mongolia in a temple in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, north China.

Hair loss in children is not necessarily due to rickets

For children under 6 months of age, hair loss can be a normal phenomenon, not worrying. Do not just see the little hair loss or bald patches on the head but got little baby with rickets conclusions.

Detecting the injection circuit on Mars

Images from a camera is flying in orbit Mars has revealed the injection of CO2 streams with speeds of 100 miles per hour through the ice at the planet's south pole. This circuit came up sand and dust high sand dunes.

10 ideas designed L-shaped kitchen

Design and decorate the kitchen in an L shape kitchen design is popular now. Here are 10 of the L-shaped layout is the most preferred.

The golden ratio of beauty

If you read The Da Vinci Code, you'll probably know the specific numbers to 1,618. Scientists have concluded that the golden ratio 1.619 is also of beauty.

Biting ants with record speed

Central American ants have strong jaws slammed the trap can bite with a force 300 times their body weight.

Recipes prevent saggy breasts

Although the rule can not fight aging, there are a few ways you can prevent sagging breasts without surgery.

Living with his arrows through

Look duck in the photo. It seems that uncle did not have any different point of the same type, except for a ... arrows pierce the breast side. Perhaps my uncle had been the target of an act of illegal hunting area.

Japanese tourist opportunity space exploration

Daisuke Enomoto, candidates for the position of tourists first Japanese universe, did not get past the medical checks and will not be allowed onto the international station next month as scheduled.