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The solar system will have 3 planets

The new definition of "planet" has been a committee of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) launched at the conference in Prague, Czech Republic. If this definition is the IAU voting members agree, the solar system will be adding three planets.

Is it because 'love' so much missed

Kids 22 years old, married. We have sex 2 times weekly, with the use of condoms. Because work should we not want to have children.

Se hungry will not songbirds

The sparrows were undernourished in the first days of life will not be able to learn the melody singing to seduce your partner.

Birth date and plans for the new school year

A new school year full of luck to everyone, however, each of you will have your own direction, you will choose which direction?

Should 22-month infant foreskin dilatation

My house 22 boys. At birth, the baby was hidden testicles, but up to 12 months, testicular self down, but until now little has been phimosis.

ECorner - combustion engine farewell

Projects that Siemens is developing ECorner will completely change the face of future cars. It will remove the hydraulic suspension, brakes, wheels and controls the internal combustion engine even today.

Dolphins 'dull'

Dolphins may have big brains but a South African scientist says lab rats and even goldfish are astute than us.

'Love' is not pregnant not intrusive

Hello doctor. Kids and girlfriends had intimate closeness the first time and not go over the line.

Ghosts appear when infrasound

Information technology experts who Vic Tandy He will never forget that night. He was doing more in the laboratory at the University of Coventry, England. 7 pm clock. All his colleagues about Tandy but seemed to lose sense of time being totally caught up in the work.

Travel Tips By Date of Birth

With a large planets like Earth and beautiful, the perfect place to choose a holiday is difficult. But Horoscope will help you. Each person is born under the elements: fire, earth, water and air, on which you'll find a place for you.

2 day old baby emerges thoracic organs

Doctors Vietnam Friendship Hospital - Cuba Dong Hoi has successful surgery for 2-day-old baby in the town of Ba Don (Quang Binh) diaphragmatic hernia.

Seeds of confidence

Actually, anyone wishing to be challenging, it is so strong that we just love to make things more trouble. Each time requires us to seize the opportunity to overcome the obstacles created by himself.

Will establish environmental police

General Department II, MPS expected proposal to establish a police department of environmental management, local activities similar to fire. The Department will examine and propose administrative sanctions for environmental offenses are not serious.

Whose purpose is to live longer

Determine the purpose of life can help increase your lifespan, regardless of the purpose.

The mysterious call

A woman entered the store, as she walked around the corner, I suddenly heard a voice calling her name 2 times. She ran to the front but saw no one, and then heard the rumbling. She returned to the corner, where just passed the house and saw the column and lampshades shed lay on the table falls apart.