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6 warning signs of child sexual abuse are

Sexual abuse does not necessarily have to touch the body. Target shooting as well as sexual abuse.

Rescue boat 'made in' Vietnam

ST1200CN - cum amphibious rescue boat of the Company 198 (DOD) - specially designed to facilitate the rescue at sea, rivers, lakes and shallow waters that other boats do not work.

The youngest are often funnier than the eldest

The children have siblings will ease people laugh more. That's because we have to find new ways to compete the attention from their parents.

Twins holding hands after birth

Thistlewaite Sarah, a mother living in Ohio (USA) has a very special gift for Mother's Day: Two twin girls holding hands when she was born.

Gray parrots also like mates opposition

The opposition really attractive, at least in species cockatiels. When it is time to get married, monogamous birds chose a partner with completely opposite personalities.

Pigeons sniffing to find their way home

Remember the wonderful ability of homing pigeons come from? The answer to that long-standing controversy as the simple sugar. The Italian researchers think they purely just follow your nose.

Japanese-style tables suitable for every room

Simple designs of low tables makes them suitable for the style, different colors of seating places.

Your ability to conquer like?

Most men admit, they completely conquered by a woman smart and confident. So you know its advantages yet?

Ancient blue whale was not meek

A fossil with aggressive shape and sharp teeth found in Australia shows that ancestors of today's blue whales are not "benevolent giant."

Hundreds of radioactive sources potentially harmful

Department safety control and nuclear radiation was planned from next week will inspect the safety and security of radioactive sources at facilities that use them across the country.

Late circumcision increases the risk of complications

Circumcision is safe for boy babies, but can be serious in older children, a new study revealed.

You and your cat

You may not like cats, but surprisingly, it was an expression of apathy, indifference, pride and kinky cat again remind you the feel of his true self.

Water crisis is spreading to rich countries

Lack of clean water has long been considered a problem only of the poor nations, but now has an increased risk of the richest countries in the world, WWF warned in World Water Week

Grass roof houses a unique

Small green roof made of small houses of Iceland, Norway attracts attention from afar.

Watching TV helps children reduce pain

Watching TV can act as a natural pain reliever for children, and effectively than the appearance of the mother.