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Sausages can cause genetic changes

Everyone knows that hot dogs are not conducive to health. But a new study also found that sausages may contain DNA-mutating components and increase the risk of cancer.

7 ways to help women overcome a broken love affair

Instead of grieving after the affair broke, let's acknowledge the positive points of the post-breakup as an opportunity to rediscover his true self.

Kangaroo bearing prostheses

A baby kangaroo in China has become the first animal carrying an artificial leg.

Men are less likely to die early testosterone

Testosterone (a hormone related to the vitality and energy of the men) lower also hinted that he might die soon.

Always keeping the house cool in summer days

Bamboo Blinds will help cool the house becomes; blinds can be installed in balconies and windows.

Decreased libido when she had him

Sexual desire of women will drop once she is in a safe relationship.

Irons fireproof

Unlike conventional presses, presses of this type have 2 legs tied in a flat surface. As is, two legs will close as usual.

Many people fatter world hunger

Currently the number of overweight people in the world has exceeded the number of hungry people. Experts warn governments need to adjust the economic strategy to change the diet of the country.

Rapid detection kit borax in food

Test kits by the Institute of Chemical Technology (No. 1 Mac Dinh Chi, District 1, HCMC) research and manufacture, cheap and easy to use, will help consumers safely buy safe food, no borax.

50 patients with brain flukes drive

Hospital Central Tropical Diseases has received a 58-year-old patient, in Cao Loc, Lang Son are nest parasites in the brain because blood pudding eating pig hearts, raw vegetables.

Frozen sperm 15 years still lives

Sperm taken from the mice and testes in the refrigerator for 15 years still produce healthy children. Recent work by a team of international researchers has opened hope "resurrected" the extinct species.

Breast-shaped mountain

A pair of twin mountains in China looks exactly two of the woman's breasts. Locals still call it a snow crystal mountain.

9 situations you should not be jealous

Instead of letting jealousy makes you mad, be calm and reconsider because there are some situations you have no reason to be jealous at all.

The most frustrating job in science

Extra weekly fasting to check armpit sprays eliminate unpleasant smell of sweat; Use your fingers to stimulate ejaculation with ... elephants, cows and lions or even become the executioners of clones ... It was the most frustrating job in science.

Left handed men earn more?

The left-handed guy, which usually has the advantage in sports such as tennis, also often pay higher wages.