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Singing helps you youthful and healthy

Singing is a tool to get the joy of life. It can eliminate depression with similar functionality yoga sessions and psychotherapy.

Device detection of sexually abusing drugs

An assistant professor of chemistry is developing a compact test that women can use to detect those who rape drugs usually used for anesthesia victims.

Where is the limit of human endurance?

When submerged in water 18 degrees C, the body loses heat 25 times faster through the skin in the air. Surface blood vessels are shrinking to focus on the internal organs and maintain 37 degrees C for the key parts. If necessary, will sacrifice the blood circulation in the limbs to focus on yourself and the brain.

The strange cave in Siberia

Novoselovo county residents, in the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia was accidentally caught a mysterious phenomenon in the field. They found some cave unknown origin in an area 100 meters from the highway.

What makes you angry?

Each person with a different birth date is easy to allergic to different things. Check that your weaknesses are and remember that when that happens, be patient count from 1 to 100 to regain her composure.

Services during the first 'small boy' can cause pregnancy

When foreplay finished, "penis" to appear a transparent fluid, because orgasm triggers.

Baby born with one eye in India

Two weeks ago, at the Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in the city of Chennai, a baby born with one eye on the present. Doctors believe that children have the opportunity to live better. A similar case also happened in Russia.

The story of elephant compassion

Elephants mourn mourning know? The following pictures, talk about the death of an elephant's head and the reaction of the male members of the flock, have helped scientists better understand the behavior of this species.

You have enough points to leader

As a leader, there must be certain conditions for the development and improve myself? As summarized by the researchers, these conditions are:

Fear of spreading HIV because condoms slip 'love' prostitute

During sex with a prostitute but I slip cover is slipped inside unknown or outside because then you're drunk.

Ancient pyramid appeared in Ukraine

The giant pyramid, similar to the work in Egypt, newly discovered in Luganshchina. The scientists concluded that 5000 years ago, a civilization development already exists in the land of Ukraine today.

Eat fish for feeling happy

People who regularly eat fish will always feel happy, and have a pleasant temperament than those who do not use daily fish menu.

Cozy inside simple wooden houses

Only use the old stuff but Michael and Jenny's house in Portland (USA) bring comfortable life for tenants.

Will determine the fate Pluto

Astronomers are meeting in Prague of the Czech Republic, in the hope of giving the exact standards of a planet. The results will help define the level of Pluto, which was found in 1930.

Unique living room walls covered by paintings

If you know how to choose suitable wallpaper, where the seating of your family will be impressed.