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History of human sexuality

Birds do it, bees do it, since the dawn of man has to have sex. But this activity has changed how thousands of years, and even just in the last few decades?

Guess the age of the whale through 'dandruff' skin

The future, the researchers can determine the age of a whale is only by learning the skin to slough its array. This method is based on checking the shortening of the ends of chromosomes.

Young players will learn better sports

A study of students in grades 6 to find the dynamic physical activity improves academic performance of the children.

Things to know before fatherhood

Your motivation is what having a baby? Let's read and discover what you need to know before a father.

Discovered the two bodies 'twins' strange

A pair of strange celestial is vague at the boundary between planets and stars has been discovered outside the solar system. So far, there have been a few dozen such objects is realized, but this is the first time we created a "twins".

Artworks vary with mood

The world can not smile at you when you're happy or frowning when you are sad. But a number of works of art will adjust the image to suit your mood.

What you have talent?

Everyone underlying a particular aptitude. It is important that you discover your own secret or not. After this test, you promote your forte and "shine" offline!

Den fit in the closet

Of the wall cabinet can no longer use a computer to be turned into the documents.

Can take pictures past?

Car stopped in the door, and then ran away. After a few days people take photos empty door. And a miracle! On the background of the door of the ball pops up that car ...

Smart shoes replacement guide dog

The guide dog may lose their jobs due to a high-tech glass and shoes by Hong Kong scientists inventions is helping blind people find their way.

7 surprising facts about infertility

If infertility is, you need to avoid eating too much fat-free milk or sports exercise too much ... because these are factors that can affect the chances of pregnancy.

'Read' man under the hand

You want to "read you" was his from the very first appointment. Extremely simple, just a little attention you will discover a lot of interesting things through his gestures.

It bears the oldest writing

An ancient stone slab almost 7,000 years old were found in Bulgaria brought the carvings been proven oldest writing in the world.

Town lions feng shui air support could backfire

Lion is the beast, not suitable place at home which should only put people in public office, large administrative.

Open to friendship

You're letting the situation you have the opportunity do not open your heart? You try to see the star light test.