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Voice-related man power

A male dog will whined to express submission with a dog to get better, but it will be toned down to growl threatening, knowing that a war will occur. Men also do the same thing unconsciously.

Fabrics cooling or warming

A new fabric can make life easier for those who regularly wear cumbersome protective clothing. It is not only astronauts, but also firefighters, soldiers and the deep-sea diver.

Create additional bedroom apartments

With the rented apartment or do not have enough sleep, you can use either the radiation curtain room dividers simple, elegant.

Japanese service startup earthquake early warning

Japan began providing early warning service first earthquake in the world, according to which the railways, power plants and other sensitive areas will soon get the message a few seconds before the earth shook trip.

Women are more modern technology like jewelry

Diamonds were no longer the best friend of the girls. A new study in the US found 75% of women prefer a plasma-screen TV than a diamond chain.

Enjoy tea on a small romantic balcony

With the apartment, the balcony is the place to help homeowners feel the natural atmosphere, watching sá city below.

Unusual cloud formation in the Antarctic

Special conditions of extreme cold earth men created a strange kind of clouds in the sky, the scientists said.

Biological clock signal mealtimes

Like an alarm clock in the body, relying on the sun to let the employer know when to go to bed, you can also watch a "food" to remind you when to eat.

12 jobs wasting your life

Playing video games, watching reality television, surf complain ... a few jobs wasting your life.

The new technique predicts bad weather

A new system will track the amount of water vapor to make the forecast of heavy rain or storm just before it appeared.

Smart unlikely to top

The gene is thought to help people develop the brain to not necessarily play the decisive role that smart people like.

Oophorectomy is not 'death sentence' for married life

Many women are forced to cut two ovaries to prevent the development of cancer ... This made many people think this is a "death sentence" for married life, but in reality is not so.

Are you a good friend?

Please give the answers to the following quiz to see if you are self-understanding is not sincere friends offline.

Ong predicted temperatures flowers

When deciding what landed flowers, bumblebees will learn the warmth there. And we use the color of the flower as an indicator of temperature, the researchers found.

Understanding his feelings through body language

He sat close to you shows your comfort level with him. If he likes to sit far away from you, maybe he's needed private space.