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Denmark world's happiest

If you want a happy life, go to Denmark. A British scientists have mapped the level of happiness in the world.

Skewed breasts after childbirth

"Double Mountain" after the birth of children finished skewed, one side sagging, while a normal party. What should I do to improve this situation (Minh Anh).

Hungry men like fat women

These guys give up lunch'll notice the fat girls look more attractive.

Spiders also groan when doing 'sex'

Humans are not the only organisms produce sound when making love. While mating, female spiders globosus Physocylus emit high-frequency sounds to your partner should know what to do.

'Bad Habits''s husband from the scientific point of view

One day, the woman said about 8,000 words, while the man uttered only half that number. Until the evening, men only "reserve" a few words, but also to women from 2000-3000. That is why he would go home in silence, made her "crazy" up.

People with eczema have a lower risk of skin cancer

People with eczema (also known as eczema) have a lower risk of skin cancer due to an immune reaction is triggered on the skin disease.

Few Things to Know About T-rays

For years, people talk more X-rays to help detect fractures, or microwave to heat the body, but few know the T-rays - a component of the electromagnetic spectrum as well - can see through clothing, identified explosives and narcotics, identifying tumors, even space exploration.

Ancient man also urchin Designs

Life in the Iron Age may be disgusting, rude and short, but people at that time still had enough time for hair and nail polish, but this is only for men.

Ejaculating on her stomach pregnant girlfriend with stick

When relationship with a girlfriend, I do not give "little boy" in which only the outside. Then his girlfriend ejaculate on her stomach.

Earlier people from 1 to 3 million hairs

That's one of the interesting figures about the human body that a French surgeons has just gathered.

Dreams about teeth

Last night, you dream to see the dentist and teeth danced. Dream signaling your dental condition is in trouble.

Sedentary easily cause heart disease in women over 30 years old

For women this age, lack of physical activity is an important factor in risk of heart disease than being overweight, high blood pressure or smoking habits.

Are you obsessed with the form?

Looks important, but not all. Do you agree with that? Do the following quiz to find out you have too obsessed with appearance.

Recipes attractive mates animals

A US research team has discovered a new sensory organ that mice use to detect pheromones - sex hormones due to potential mates liberation. Notably, people also have the ability to "sniff" the same.

Torn ligament can not heal

During a football, I was injured. And MRI examination, doctors concluded "Tearing a ligament fraction cross back inside."