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Satellite launch missiles from Russia fall

A Russian rocket carrying 18 satellites crashed shortly after takeoff from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan yesterday.

Room for brainstorming in the office

In addition to traditional conference style, the company has created a smaller space to discuss and offer new ideas.

Written on water technology

Amoeba, a circular tank by Mitsui Engineering (Japan) manufactured at their Akishima laboratory, allowing the characters created by the steep waves.

Why is there in the tops of the corn?

Maize flowering and flowering tops of the male on the centerline. Male falling pollen, pollinate female flowers and produce seeds. That is the reason why corn usually occurs between relatives. However, sometimes you will encounter on the tops of corn plants with corn.

Easy to implement acne tips

Honey helps kill bacteria and remove acne. Cinnamon has anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory. Combining these two things, you will have a flawless skin.

Found in the soft tissue of fossil frog

The scientists isolated the bone marrow of the frogs and salamanders died 10 million years ago in the peat swamps of northeastern Spain.

Love blood group

You already know about the blood group identity? I'll be very surprised when you discover personality, mood and even "liking" the story of the beloved blanket pillow. Try "pulse" he watching?

Fewer rich people than poor sex

These people often earn big houses, fancy cars, but less interested in sex than people with low income, a new study says.

Crested pterosaur used to attract mates

British scientists say they have solved the mystery why the ancient flying reptiles grew crests at the top again.

Moped Super Save Gas

Cycling is a way for you to get rid of traffic jams, as well as save the petrol price hike. Revo Power Company (USA) have been thinking how to refuel the wheel to turn into a bike often "moped" (motorcycles with pedals and gasoline engine) performance with fuel economy than motorcycles.

Physiology men need to know

Sensitivity, size and erection of "penis" is not only an indicator of sexual health but also signs of general health of the body.

Found lakes on Saturn's moons

In addition to methane rain and white crystalline sand dunes, Saturn's satellite Titan also has many lakes. The lake can contain methane, ethane mix a little and perhaps the source that made the mysterious smog in the atmosphere of this celestial cold.

Is fat reserves for the days of famine

Excess fat seems to be something not acceptable to the sport athletes, but with ants, which is vital, and we do everything possible to store energy.

8 simple tips that you have to listen to her husband

Approached him, stating what you want, maybe even write down on paper ... will not have to make you depressed because her husband does not remember what you said.

The pioneer measured very accurately pyramid

Archaeologists ever measured the pyramids at Giza Egypt more than 100 years ago has resulted in amazingly accurate, a retrospective study of history has revealed.