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He nan palm Stop making machine Cathedral

Anh Mai Van Stop, a farmer in the neighborhood Bai Lang, Chan Mong village, commune Xiaoshan, Doan Hung, Phu Tho Cathedral invented machine, chop nan woven palm blinds, reduces labor, material saving .

Men like water

A Chinese philosopher once for men like water. He divided into the following types of men.

Dogs also bark stress because

The continuous loud barking of dogs in both camps can cause serious health damage to the animals.

Nagging wife or husband is easy to die early

Live with spouse or whining, nagging, your life will be shortened significantly.

Discovered the world's oldest cave

The Jenolan cave in western Sydney has been identified as dating 340 million years, making them the oldest open caves in the world.

What men think after the love

He did not like her to wear with that after "love", also want to be patted her affectionately.

Improve brain fatherhood man

It has been known that primates, including man, undergoing profound hormonal changes when becoming a father.

Love starts from ... saliva

The Italian biochemists have discovered the formula of love. According to them, the great emotion and passionate in all kinds of human emotions can be defined as a combination of several chemical signals.

Tips cooling hot day

Set your air conditioner where there is shade can reduce 10% energy.

Women conflict between beauty and intelligence

More than half of girls aged 16-25 are themselves under stress and conflict, largely by the mass media are urging them to become hot, but she is also successful in his career.

Bikini protect skin

Turns 60, bikini entering the electronic age with a new model which has tied the bell to alert the wearer to step out of the sun.

Breakthrough in spiderman costume

The soldiers of the future will be able to use a special outfit from the spider to walk on vertical surfaces and even clinging to the ceiling.

What is he wearing?

How's a guy costume can sometimes tell more about him is what he said in words.

Why should eat more spinach

Low in calories, high in fiber and nutrients, spinach is one of the best food in the vegetables.

Ripe fruit stamping press

An expert in the University of Arizona have developed a line of sticker can let users know when a bunch of fruit or vegetables came to harvest.