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Handshake revealed the extent of aging

A simple handshake can reveal the level of education, the rate of aging as well as the future health status of a person.

Poisonous snakes without dying

Mr. Graeme Gow, the owner of a farm of reptiles in Australia was bitten by poisonous snakes to 142 times, including the inland taipan snake 3 times (only in Australia - is considered the world's most poisonous snakes) to bite but survived.

12 reasons to eat pineapple in summer

Pineapple is rich in nutrition, are high in anti-inflammatory, strengthens bones and improves the digestive system very well.

Children should play more

Prescription of the doctors could do kids gloating: We need more players to have a healthy body. European experts said the new study is the most convincing evidence of the benefits of children being active.

Vitamin enhance the attractiveness

The essential nutrients such as vitamins may act as pheromones to attract the opposite sex, at least in lizards.

Office had just swing Slide

Employees of the company business Internet services, Peer 1 Hosting, can sit where you like to work when the laptop has been allocated.

Why do people with autism do not see the panorama?

"A picture is worth a thousand words" can be summarized saying about how people view the world of autism. Photographs show that they too brain trust at the top cortex - where image analysis - even if the interpretation of the words did not at all identifiable image.

Sea spiders suck live prey

These strange creatures live tarantula in the ocean floor and use the hose to suck the prey are doing translations from scientists puzzled.

Men eat tomatoes increased ability to father

Eating tomatoes can increase the fertility of men by a key compound in tomatoes help increase sperm count 70%.

Why elephants avoid the mountain?

Even a small hill is also a major challenge for an elephant, so we will avoid steep slopes, a new study says.

Learning while watching TV will inefficient

Your parents were right, do not turn on the television learning. The new research shows distractions affect the way of learning, makes it difficult to apply the knowledge later.

7 secrets relaxed feeling at home

Let's start by rearranging the furniture, creating a nice view for the house or down lights at night ...

Stress from?

With the test case of Japan, which is considered the homeland of pressure, you will feel you are in any form of stress.

Every day we lie ... 20 times

We lie more. A recent study from the University of Vienna (Austria) concludes: "Lying is an essential part to survive in everyday life", and we spent a lot of time to lie.

Tim flipped right after car accident

Men's hearts are turned sideways 90 degrees in the chest after a car collision. Surprised that the victim is still conscious, whether such injury.