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Social status affect aging

People in lower social classes will be biologically older than those of the upper class.

Why should love lefties

The left-handed people are very smart in the "sex". Survey shows that 20% of members of Mensa (Assembly who have high IQs) is left-handed.

Found birthplace of Roman emperor Augustus

A team of archaeologists yesterday claimed to have discovered a part of the building which they believe is the birth place of the first emperor of Rome - Augustus .

Bedfellow cause lightheadedness man

Sharing a bed with someone could temporarily reduce the brain's ability to man, the Austrian scientist claims.

Annoying habits on Facebook

Thanks to social networking, you seem to be connected with everyone wherever you are, but sometimes a few habits that make your friends angry.

African and Arab are separated

Two giant plates that form the African and Arab are increasingly apart.

People have looked nearly as to avoid snakes

Snake makes people jumping is its good reason - the ability to observe close-up of human evolution has been dedicated to the discovery of the reptiles.

10 things women should know about sexual health

Fertility decreased faster than you think, urinating after sex to help women prevent urinary tract infections, no contraceptive method is perfect ...

Why do we like these songs since childhood

The songs we listen as teenagers often become popular all throughout life. That's because they were attached to the brain in a certain critical moment.

It looks like we have ...

The researchers believe that the key was to find the phenomenon of deja vu - an odd feeling when someone thought seems to have seen this somewhere before.

Your broken so against rabies

9/5 Morning, Vietnam Friendship Hospital - Cuba (in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh), a young emergency 32 your injury.

Following software risk of forest fire warnings

Faculty of Management of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Forestry has developed successful software forest fire risk warning and forecasting of forest fires in the Highlands.

$ 15 million for a walk in space

Tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) now have more choice is a walk outside the space of 90 minutes. Its just that the price does not come cheap: $ 15 million, in addition to cost 20 million dollars for the flight to the ISS.

Boyfriend suspected loss of virginity because the liquid contained

I know you have 5 years younger. For the first time the relationship, I'm not bleeding. My boyfriend says my private parts loose, unlike the first time the relationship.

Are you stressed infestation?

Sometimes you are very severe stress that does not know. Try the following quiz to see if your stress level like.