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Fix both beautiful room feng shui

The tiny room was neat helped arrange gas resources is good for the circulation.

Huge dinosaur body temperature to 47 degrees C

The largest dinosaurs may have maintained warm body temperature, while their smaller cousins ​​seem similar to the cold-blooded reptiles today, a new study revealed.

Birthday and movie preferences

Zodiac does not just tell us about personality, thinking of each person, but it also revealed the kinds of films that you love, as well as actors and directors you admire.

Marriage alter how you

Instead of relatives gathered with friends, you realize that a home is the most important new small. You learned how to make concessions and more rational spending.

Civet opened a school of prey

The Owston civet not study how premature xơi dangerous prey such as scorpions, but they are adults teach.

Encountered evidence of evolution

The competition between the two species in Galapagos finches made of a species of small mines, help them find food more easily. Scientists have seen this change.

Measure your happiness through wheel formula

Happiness is abstract, it is difficult for you to recognize what makes me happy, and how to be happier.

The urinals ... talk

That's probably the last thing the eyebrow whiskers after drinking need some flanking beer - when you walk into a toilet stall, a urinal start a conversation with you.

Your morning routine tell you anything?

"The habit every morning revealed a lot about how you manage work and life," said Nei Fior, has confirmed that The Now Habit book. Take a look at your past habits are light test.

Men often make errors when accessing girlfriend

To impress a girl, men do a lot of things, from the clothes they wear to breath. But they often fail due to the following error:

Yes or no 'reincarnation'?

After his death, people have returned to the ground in a few types? Western scientists and psychologists have researched a systematic way of "reincarnation" for so long, in order to analyze in the light of the nature of scientific problems.

Aircraft plastics will conquer the sky

In the future, passengers can fly on these planes plastic, director of Boeing statement. Alan Mulally said all the Boeing 737 will be made of non-metallic materials, or composite.

6 indoor locations should not place Bed

Put the bed under the window, facing the mirror, or under the ceiling slopes ... are located at the cavalry to avoid.

What shaped pebbles?

No two are alike pebbles completely, but all of them seem to have come to a single mathematical shapes - circular object with the distribution curves Gauss almost as a rule, scientists say butter.

Bomber transformed

The US military has long wanted an aircraft can hover outside the territory of the enemy, and if necessary can work to target faster than the speed of sound. But the paradox is that if offers Vietnamese aircraft at low speeds, are not effective when it reaches the speed of sound.